Irish Anzacs Database

The information in the database has been extracted from the service records held by the National Archives of Australia (NAA), and includes the following details:

  • nameIrish Studies Anzac Project
  • town and county of birth
  • date and place of enlistment
  • declared age
  • occupation
  • marital status
  • next of kin location
  • previous military service
  • religion
  • the unit to which initially posted

There is a link from the database to the actual service record on the NAA website. Additional information has been added from sources maintained by the Australian War Memorial such as the Roll of Honour, the list of Honours and Decorations and the Red Cross files relating to the wounded and missing and to prisoners of war, with links to those sources on the website of the Australian War Memorial. Over time, further information will be added from the Embarkation Roll, the Nominal Roll and other sources, ultimately producing for each soldier a comprehensive record.

The NAA holds more than 376,000 service records in series B2455, all of which have been digitised and are available on line. All but about 6,500 of those records indicate the enlistee’s place of birth, so that it has been possible to identify in that series almost 6,000 service records of soldiers and nurses who were Irish-born. The NAA also holds in series MT1486/1 more than 77,000 service records and applications to enlist, of which only a small number are available on line. Manual searching of that series, which is incomplete, has identified many hundreds more records relating to those who were Irish-born.

In addition to the Irish-born, the AIF included many thousands of enlistees of Irish descent who were born outside of Ireland, including those with both parents born in Ireland. However, as the NAA service records give place of birth for the enlistee only it has not been possible to identify such persons. Accordingly, the database is confined to those of Irish birth.

The Irish Anzacs Database is hosted by the UNSW Library through the FASS Repository.

Access the Irish Anzacs database on the UNSW Library FASS Repository here


For instructions on how to use the Irish Anzacs database view this short video.

Sample enlistment records

Details of service records and awards are available to view courtesy of the National Archives of Australia and the Australian War Memorial.

Below are samples of enlistment papers for Irish Anzacs Martin O'Meara, James Connor Doorly and Sarah Mary Stafford.

Martin O'Meara's record from the Irish Anzacs database    James Connor Doorly's record from the Irish Anzacs database    Sarah Mary Stafford's record from the Irish Anzacs database