Dr Caroline Sheaffer-Jones

Senior Lecturer (French)

BA (Hons 1) Syd, MèsL Paris VII, PhD DipEd Syd

School of Humanities & Languages


9385 2415
276 Morven Brown
Fields: Aesthetics, Literary Studies, History and Philosophy of Specific Fields not elsewhere classified, Feminist Theory, Poststructuralism

Caroline Sheaffer-Jones (BA (Hons 1) Syd, MèsL Paris VII, PhD DipEd Syd) teaches in French Studies in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Her research interests are in 20th and 21st century French literature and philosophy, critical theory, deconstruction, postmodernism, women's writing and cultural studies.



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    Book Chapters

    • Sheaffer-Jones CF, 2015, 'Georges Bataille's 'Manet' and the 'strange impression of an absence'', in Edwards N; McCann B; Poiana P (ed.), Framing French Culture, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, pp. 231 - 255, https://www.adelaide.edu.au/press/titles/framing-french/
    • SHEAFFER-JONES, CF (ARTS & SOCIAL SCIENCES), 2014, '"'Ce royaume qu'est l'exil', Les réflexions de Maurice Blanchot sur l'écriture d'Albert Camus"', in Hoppenot É; Rabaté D (ed.), L'Herne Blanchot, Editions de l'Herne, Paris, pp. 136 - 141, http://lherne.blogspot.com.au/search/label/Blanchot#uds-search-results
    • Sheaffer-Jones CF, 2013, ''Comme un souvenir indestructible': L'instant de ma mort de Maurice Blanchot', in Milon A (ed.), Maurice Blanchot, entre roman et récit, Presses Universitaires de Paris Ouest, Paris, pp. 217 - 233
    • Sheaffer-Jones CF, 2010, '"As Though with a New Beginning": "Le dernier homme"', in Hart K (ed.), Clandestine encounters : philosophy in the narratives of Maurice Blanchot, edn. Original, University of Notre Dame Press, Notre Dame, IND., pp. 241 - 262
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    • Sheaffer-Jones CF, 2000, 'Designing a Community Learning Environment Using a Bulletin Board System : A Trial with Advanced French Written Communication', in Technology and the Advanced Language Learner, edn. Original, Association of French Language Studies, United Kingdom, pp. 108 - 124

    Journal articles

    • Sheaffer-Jones C, 2017, '"Resistance" in "Ross Chambers: A Legacy of Love"', Romanic Review, vol. 108, pp. 89 - 91, https://french.columbia.edu/content/romanic-review
    • Sheaffer-Jones CF, 2016, 'Effects of "Phantasmatic Truth": On the Reading of Albert Camus in Jacques Derrida's 'The Death Penalty' Seminars', Parrhesia: a journal of critical philosophy, pp. 176 - 193, http://www.parrhesiajournal.org/
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    • Sheaffer-Jones CF, 2015, '"Maurice Blanchot and Space as Opening: Revelations of the Impossible" in "Blanchot's Spaces," edited by Arleen Ionescu, William Large and Laura Marin,', Word and Text, vol. V, pp. 71 - 86, http://jlsl.upg-ploiesti.ro/
    • Sheaffer-Jones CF, 2013, '"Tableau Before the Law: Albert Camus' 'The Fall' After Deconstruction"', Derrida Today, vol. 6, pp. 115 - 134, http://dx.doi.org/10.3366/drt.2013.0055
    • Sheaffer-Jones C, 2012, 'A deconstructive reading of Albert Camus' Caligula: Justice and the game of calculations', Australian Journal of French Studies, vol. 49, pp. 31 - 42
    • Sheaffer-Jones CF, 2012, '"A Deconstructive Reading of Albert Camus' Caligula: Justice and the Game of Calculations"', Australian Journal of French Studies, vol. XLIX, pp. 31 - 42
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    Conference Posters

    • Sheaffer-Jones CF, 2011, 'Reflections on the Lives of the Impressionists & Critical Analysis, Assessment: Feedback and Beyond, Carolina Matheson (ed), L & T Forum 2011, 16 September 2011', in Posters Booklet, Assessment: Feedback and Beyond, Learning and Teaching Forum September 2011, University of NSW, Kensington, pp. 15 - 16, presented at UNSW, 01 - 01 January 2011

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