Dr Danielle Drozdzewski

Senior Lecturer
PhD in Human Geography (UNSW), BEnvSc (Hons in Geography) (UNSW), BA (Science and Technology Studies) (UNSW)
School of Humanities & Languages


Twitter: @DanielleDroz
Room 365, Morven Brown
Kensington Campus
Fields: Social and Cultural Geography, Human Geography
Tags: Studies in human society


My research involves studying the interactions between humans and their environments. I describe and explore the places and spaces in which people live in, move to and move from, and the cultural, social and environmental modifications humans make to their environments. Who we are is contingent on where we have come from, and when.

My particular interest is in cultural memories and the interlinkages between memory and identity.  I have explored this theme through research into Polish cultural memory as it has been articulated in public spaces through monuments and memorials, and in private spaces, between and within generations of Poles in Poland and in diaspora in Australia. I am interested in how mobilities affect the transferal and maintenance of cultural memory and how war and totalitarianism disrupts their transmission in public spheres.  I am currently extending this research  to examine how the public interact with vernacular memorials in Berlin and Warsaw.  I am also exploring the haptic geographies of WWII memorialisation in Singapore. 

I use qualitative and quantitative methodologies including, surveying, interviewing, ethnography and participant observation. Most recently applied these skills to a multidisciplinary scientific team on an ARC Linkage project on Rip Current Awareness, developing a social methodology. Other key research interests include urban to rural/regional migration, cultural memory and identity and parenting in academia.


The Geography of Memorialisation in Everyday Places.

Using an ethnographic approach, this project will examine how the public engages with specific representations of the past in a number of everyday landscapes. This project will interrogate if the prevalence of sites of memory in public spaces gives memory a ‘persistent presence’, through which the everyday populace actually engages with the memorial (Bal 1999: viii). The project does not seek challenge the importance or the validity of the remembrances of war, rather it will clarify how diverse publics relate to their histories through their engagements with it, and knowledge of what is being commemorated in the everyday urban façade.

Funded from: UNSW Science Faculty Early Career Research Grant 2014 ($16 000).

Parenting in Academia and Beyond.

With Dr Natascha Klocker (UoW), we are investigating the career pathways of geography academics with young children.  A principal goal of this research is to uncover strategies used by fellow geographers to build and maintain their track records while caring for young children.

'Visible parenting in the workplace: implications, costs and strategies', Dr N Klocker, Dr D Drozdzewski, Dr M Flood, Dr S Hamylton, Dr J Atchinson, J Croft.

Funded from: University of Wollongong Global Challenges Strategic Funding: 2015, ($5000).

Project details can be found here http://globalchallenges.uow.edu.au/UOW192487

Moken livelihods:place attachment, memory, identity 

This collaborative project (with Dr Daniel Robinson) investigates Moken livelihoods along a stretch of the Andaman coast near Khao Lak Thailand. We seek to better understand how Moken livelihoods and land rights may have been impinged since the 2004 Tsunami with a focus on the loss of land regarded by the Moken as sacred.  We are also interested in the inter- and intra-generational transfer of Moken cultural identities.

Our previous research in Khao Lak in 2013 is documented in the following publications.  

  • Robinson, D.F. and Drozdzewski, D. (Online 2015) 'Hybrid identities: juxtaposing multiple identities against the 'authentic' Moken' Identities, DOI10.1080/1070289X.2015.1070730
  • Drozdzewski, D., and Robinson, D.F., (2015) Care-work on fieldwork: taking your own children into the field, Children’s Geographies, Vol. 13, No. 3, pp372-378.
  • Robinson, D.F., Drozdzewski, D. and Kiddell, L. (2014) ‘“You can’t change our ancestors without our permission”: Cultural Perspectives on Biopiracy.’ In Fredrikksson, M. and Arvanitakis, J. (eds) Piracy – Leakages of Modernity. Litwin Books, Sacramento CA. 

Funded from: (1) UNSW Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Collaborative Research Scheme: ‘Moken place attachment to sacred sites, villages and memorials’, Dr D Robinson and Dr D Drozdzewski (Joint CIs), $6 580; and (2) UNSW Science Research Faculty & Early Career Researcher Grant: ‘Understanding Traditional Environmental Knowledge and Customary Governance in Thailand: an ethnographic approach’, Dr D Robinson and Dr D Drozdzewski (Joint CIs), 2012, ($20 000).

Treechange Migration in Regional NSW

This research seek to uncover how treechange migration shapes the social fabric on regional towns by exploring both lifestyle and economic rationales for urban to rural relocations. It combines survey, interviews, focus groups and photo-observation methodlogies to establish whether treechange migrants create demand for new housing, modify the landscape through rural gentrification and provide the impetus for burgeoning food and wine industries. This research has been conducted in Bathurst and Orange in Central Western NSW, Australia, and in the Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia.

Funded from: (1) UNSW Science Faculty Research Grant, 2011, $14 000; (2) UNSW Science Research Faculty & Early Career Researcher Grant, 2010, $15 490; (3) Regional and Rural Research Development Grant, Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, with A/Prof W Shaw, 2010- 2011, $25 000.


Danielle Drozdzewski is a Senior Lecturer in Human Geography. I specialise in the interactions of people and place, with specific expertise in memory, identity and migration.  My overarching research theme is the examination of the geographies of remembrance. I investigate how memories of culture and of place are integral to the formation and maintenance of identities, from the personal to the supranational. Allied to these investigations is the study of migration, through which I have focused on what motivates people to move, the outcomes of such mobilities, to better understand interactions between people and places.



    • Drozdzewski D; De Nardi S; Waterton E, (eds.), 2016, Memory, Place and Identity: Commemoration and Remembrance of War and Conflict, Culture, Space and Society, Routledge, Abingdon

    Book Chapters

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    • Drozdzewski D, 2011, 'Waves of migration exclusion and inclusion: The experiences of Polish Australians', in Migration, Citizenship and Intercultural Relations: Looking through the Lens of Social Inclusion, pp. 59 - 73

    Journal articles

    • Birdsall C;Drozdzewski D, 2018, 'Capturing commemoration: Using mobile recordings within memory research', Mobile Media and Communication, vol. 6, pp. 266 - 284, http://dx.doi.org/10.1177/2050157917730587
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    • Shaw WS;Cross R;Drozdzewski D;Wolifson P, 2012, A historical geography of cotton farming in NSW and Qld: adaptation and adoption, Cotton Catchment Communities CRC, Narrabri, 3.02.11, http://www.cottoncrc.org.au/general/Research/Projects/3_02_11
    • Drozdzewski D;Shaw W;Godfrey N, 2011, Treechange Migration to the NSW Southern Highlands: Motivations and outcomes of urban to rural migration, Deptartment of Regional Australia


    Theses / Dissertations

    • Drozdzewski D, 2008, Remembering polishness: articulating and maintaining identity through turbulent times, University of New South Wales. Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences, http://www.handle.unsw.edu.au/1959.4/41258

    Working Papers

    Conference Abstracts

    • Drozdzewski D;Klocker N, 2016, 'Parenting in the academy – measuring and valuing care-work and wage-work', in Academic life in the measured university: pleasures, paradoxes and politics, Academic life in the measured university: pleasures, paradoxes and politics, Sydney, presented at Academic life in the measured university: pleasures, paradoxes and politics, Sydney, 29 June - 01 July 2016, http://www.itl.usyd.edu.au/getinvolved/aic2016/default.htm


GEOS1601  Population, Environment, Society (Course Coordinator) S2

GEOS3651  Migration, Multiculturalism and Society (Course Coordinator) S2

GEOS3641/IEST6641  Qualitative Research Methods in Regional Australia (Course Coordinator)

IEST7400    Social Science for Environmental Management (Guest Lecturer) S1

Affiliations and membership

Institute of Australian Geographers (IAG), (2004-).
IAG Cultural Geography Study Group,  (2004-), Incoming Convenor (2014-).
Institute of Australian Geographers (IAG) Council Member (2006- 2008).
The Geographical Society of New South Wales (GSNSW), (2005-).
Association of American Geographers, (AAG), (2007-).
Polish Studies Association (PSA), (2014-).
Australian Institute of Polish Affairs (AIPA), (2014-).
Antipodean East European Study Group, (2014-).

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Recent Media

Dominey-Howes, D., and Drozdzewski, D., (2016) Preparing researchers to manage traumatic research, naturejobs blog, Sept 23, http://blogs.nature.com/naturejobs/2016/09/23/preparing-researchers-to-manage-traumatic-research/#more-10757

Drozdzewski, D., and Waterton, E., (2016) In remembering Anzac Day, what do we forget?, The Conversation, April 20. https://theconversation.com/in-remembering-anzac-day-what-do-we-forget-57629

Berlin’s stolpersteine – remembering in the city, (2016) SoundMinds Radio Podcast, http://www.soundminds.com.au/berlins-stolpersteine-remembering-in-the-city/

Visible parenting, in Melinda James (Presenter) Breakfast Radio, Illawarra, ABC Radio 97.3, 19 February, 2016.

Visible parenting, on TalkAbout, Simon Marnie (Presenter) Weekends, 702 ABC Sydney, 20 February, 2016.

Drozdzewski, D., and Klocker, N. (2016) Parenting at work: how visible are your choices?, The Motherish,  http://www.themotherish.com/parenting-at-work/#7Sm5klZD7QdyjJ9U.99, 16 February.

UNSW and Cotton CRC (2012) 'Cotton Tales: A History of the Australian Cotton Industry', Proceedings of the CRC Science Forum, Narrabri, Produced by Papermoose Productions https://vimeo.com/102796184



Other information

Current Higher Degree Research Students

Caitlin Buckle (PhD Candidate) - 'Youth and Regional Place Attachment', (Supervisor,  Co-Supervised by Dr Chris Brennan-Horley, UoW ).

Nerida Godfrey (PhD candidate) - 'Moved to move: Conceptualising dancers as a transnational community and 'creative class' migrants', (Supervisor).

Peta Wolifson (PhD candidate) – ‘Exploring the night-time economy of the City of Sydney and its effects on the socio-economy of the City’, (Supervisor, Co-Supervised by Prof. Chris Gibson, UoW ).

Gail Broadbent (MPhil Candidate) – ‘Community Engagement: improving public project decision making processes’, (Joint Supervision with Prof G Metternicht).

Charishma Ratnam ( (PhD candidate) – ‘Place-making, Place Attachment and Sri-Lankan Refugees in Australia’, (Supervisor).


Completed Honours Projects

Blake Edwick – ‘Place attachment: a comparative study of residents’ attitudes towards sea level rise risk and planning responses on the New South Wales Central Coast’ (Supervisor) click here for the executive summary (PDF)

Alex Bridle – ‘Ageing on Sydney’s Northern Beaches: transport, mobility and quality of life’ (Supervisor) click here for the executive summary (PDF)

Peta Wolifson – ‘A comparative study of the motivations and outcomes of ‘organic’ and ‘new-build’ gentrification in the retail landscape of Surry Hills’, (Co-Supervisor) click here for the executive summary (PDF)

Nerida Godfrey - 'Apples in Orange: Exploring Citizenship in a Multifunctional Agricultural Landscape', (Supervisor) click for the executive summary

Alexander Thomas - 'Qualitative analysis of Sydney's cycle path network', (Supervisor).

Melinda Norquay - Stereotyping the Shire: How media construct place and identity and influences public opinion (Supervisor).

Caitlin Buckle - What is a Treechange? Where, What and Why Ex-Urban Migrants are Moving to Regional New South Wales (Supervisor)

Charishma Ratnam - Place Attachment and Bushfire Risk (Co-Supervised by Dr Rosalie Chappell, BMWHI)