Dr Efrosini Deligianni

Lecturer (Greek & Linguistics)
B.A. Hons. Linguistics and Modern English Language (Lancaster University, UK), MA European Master's degree in Linguistics (University of Manchester, UK; Freie Universität, Germany), Ph.D. Linguistics (Lancaster University, UK)
School of Humanities & Languages


9385 2188
Room 270, Morven Brown
Kensington Campus
Fields: Applied Linguistics and Educational Linguistics, Linguistic Structures (incl. Grammar, Phonology, L, Language in Time and Space (incl. Historical Linguistics, Dialectology)
Tags: Education across cultures, Languages and Literature

Dr Efrosini Deligianni's research interests bifurcate into two major pathways, one under Theoretical and one under Applied Linguistics, which largely intersect. Within Theoretical Linguistics, she is mostly driven towards research on language change and discourse pragmatics (information structure), which occasionally overlaps with sociolinguistic and discourse- analytic work. She is also particularly interested in cognitive-linguistic processing. Her future research aspirations predominantly lie with a cognitive neuroscience of language (e.g. fundamental cognitive processes of Second Language Acquisition (or SLA)). Within Applied Linguistics, she plans to pursue research in SLA and in the development of interactive foreign language teaching material for Greek (Classical & Modern).
Her non-academic work experience revolves around foreign language teaching (English; Ancient and Modern Greek) and translation (English to Modern Greek and vice versa). During her previous placement at a research organization in Cyprus, the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute (CNTI), she was actively involved in the organization and implementation of EU-funded programs in Educational Technology, Global Education and Youth Activism.
As a postgraduate student, she was awarded the Mont Follick Fund for research on Classical languages.


ARTS1540 Introductory Greek A

ARTS1541 Introductory Greek B

ARTS1690/LING5026 The Structure of Language

ARTS1691/LING5037 The Use of Language

ARTS2542 Gods, Heroines And Heroes In Greek Mythology And Modern Culture

ARTS2696/LING5005 Contemporary English Grammar/The Grammar of English

ARTS3690 Language Universals and Linguistic Typology

LING5026 Introduction to Linguistic Analysis


Affiliations and membership

Australian Linguistic Society (ALS), Societas Linguistica Europaea or SLE (EU), CYLing (CY)

Member of the Arts & Social Sciences Research Committee