Dr Melissa M. Merritt

Senior Lecturer
B.A. Yale University; Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh
School of Humanities & Languages


Room 341, Morven Brown
Kensington Campus


S1 2016: Tuesdays, 2:00-400 and by appointment
Fields: Aesthetics, History of Philosophy, Philosophy, Ethical Theory
Tags: Expanding Knowledge


Melissa Merritt works primarily on Kant and contemporary Kantian ethics.  Her current project examines Kant's conception of enlightenment and the closely related notion of reflection (Überlegung, Reflexion), arguing that for Kant, enlightenment is cognitive virtue.  This work is receives funding from the Australian Research Council (DP130100172: Enlightened Judgment: Reflection and Cognitive Virtue in Kant's Critical Philosophy). 

Merritt is currently Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the School of Humanities and Languages.  Recent work has been published in European Journal of Philosophy, Southern Journal of Philosophy, and the Kantian Review



Semester 1, 2016:

ARTS 1360: Philosophy, Morality, Society

ARTS 3366: Advanced Moral Theory  

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Book Reviews Editor, Australasian Journal of Philospohy