Dr Mengistu Amberber

Senior Lecturer
BA MA (Addis Ababa), PhD (McGill)
School of Humanities & Languages


9385 2299
241 Morven Brown
Kensington Campus
Fields: Linguistic Structures (incl. Grammar, Phonology, Lexicon, Semantics)

Dr Mengistu Amberber is a Senior Lecturer in Linguistics in the School of Languages and Linguistics (FASS). His main research interests include lexical semantics, grammatical theory, the semantics-syntax interface, and linguistic typology.

He is the author of Verb Classes and Transitivity in Amharic (Lincom Studies in Afro-Asiatic Linguistics, 2002), and editor of The Language of Memory in a Cross-linguistic Perspective (in Human Cognitive Processing, volume 21, John Benjamins, 2007), and co-editor of: Language Universals and Variation (Praeger, 2002), Competition and Variation in Natural Languages: the Case for Case (Elsevier, 2005), and Complex Predicates: Cross-linguistic Perspectives on Event Structure (Cambridge University Press, 2010).


Teaching and Supervision


(I) Undergraduate:

The Structure of Language
The Use of Language
Generative Grammar
Language Universals and Linguistic Typology

(II) Postgraduate:

Introduction to Linguistic Analysis

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