Professor Mina Roces

BA Hons Sydney, MA PhD Michigan

School of Humanities & Languages


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359 Morven Brown
Kensington Campus
Fields: Gender Specific Studies, Asian History
Tags: Understanding Asia's Past

A Phd graduate from The University of Michigan, Mina Roces is a Professor of History in the School of Humanitites and Languages in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. She is the author of three monographs: Women, Power and Kinship Politics in Post-War Philippines (Praeger 1998), Kinship Politics in Post-War Philippines: The Lopez Family, 1946-2000 (de la Salle University Press, 2001) and Women’s Movements and “the Filipino Woman”, 1985-2008” (University of Hawaii Press, 2012). The book project on women’s movements in the Philippines was supported by an Australian Research Council Grant for 2007-09.

In addition, she has co-edited several anthologies on the topic of women in Asia. Her research interests lie in twentieth century Philippine history particularly women’s history. She is book series editor for Sussex Library of Asian and Asian American Studies Book Series and leader of the UNSW FASS Research Cluster on Imperial, Colonial and Transnational Histories. She serves on the Editorial Board of the Pacific Historical Review and is a member of the Advisory Board in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade funded initiative -- the Philippines Project. In 2016 she was elected fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities.



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    • Roces M, 1998, Women, Power and Kinship Politics Female Power in Post-War Philippines, 1998, Praeger, Westport, Connecticut, USA

    Book Chapters

    • Roces M, 2013, 'Performing Filipina Identities in Politics', in Guéraiche W (ed.), Philippines contemporaines, edn. 2013, Institut de Recherche sur l’Asie du Sud-Est Contemporaine (IRASEC), France, pp. 143 - 157,
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    • Roces MN, 1996, '"Filipina Brides in Central Queensland: Gender, Migration and Support Services"', in Futures for Central Queensland, edn. 1996

    Journal articles

    • Roces MN, 2016, '"These Guys Came Out Looking Like Movie Actors": Filipino Dress and Consumer Practices in the United States, 1920s-1930s', Pacific Historical Review, vol. 85, pp. 532 - 576,
    • Roces MN, 2016, '"Filipino Elite Women and Public Health in the American Colonial Era, 1906-1940"', Women's History Review, vol. 25, pp. 1 - 26,
    • Roces MN, 2015, 'Filipina/o Migration to the United States and the Remaking of Gender Narratives, 1906-2010', Gender & History, vol. 27, pp. 190 - 206,
    • Roces M, 2013, 'Dress, Status and Identity in the Philippines: Pineapple Fiber Cloth and Ilustrado Fashion', Fashion Theory - the Journal of Dress Body and Culture, vol. 17, pp. 341 - 372,
    • Roces M, 2009, 'Prostitution, women`s movements and the victim narrative in the Philippines', Womens Studies International Forum, vol. 32, pp. 270 - 280
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    • Roces M, 2003, 'Review of R.B. Tolentino, National/transnational subject formation and media in and on the Philippines', Intersections, vol. 9
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    • Roces M, 1999, 'Women Reinventing Culture: Their Role as Cultural Patrons in post-war Philippines', Public Policy, pp. 36 - 63
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    • Roces MN, 1996, '"Some Thoughts on Images of Female Power in Post-War Philippines"', Lila Asia Pacific Women's Studies Journal, pp. 51 - 67
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    • Roces MN, 1991, '"Cultural Conflict as a Framework for Interpreting Philippine Post-War History"', Asian Studies Review, vol. 15, pp. 94 - 102

Teaching and Supervision

  • ARTS1210: Concepts of Asia
  • ARTS2212: Southeast Asia
  • ARTS904: Dressed to Kill: Dress and Identity in History
  • ARTS2909: Women in Southeast Asian Societies
  • ARTS3214: Modern Philippine History: Predicaments in Modern Philippine History

Consultation Times

Honours and prizes

  • Winner of the Vice Chancellor's Teaching Award for Teaching Excellence, 2013
  • Winner of the FASS Dean's Excellence in Teaching Award for 2012


  • ARC Discovery Grant for "Buying Power:A History of Women as Consumers, 1902-2010", Sole Chief Investigatorfor 2017-2019
  • ARC Discovery Grant for "A History of Filipino Migration and Identity, 1906-2010", Sole Chief Investigatorfor 2012-2014
  • United States Studies Centre Grant for "The Filipino American Movement",2010
  • ARC Discovery Grant for "A Recent History of Social Movements in the Philippines", Sole Chief Investigatorfor 2007-2009
  • Funded Fellowship, Center for East and Southeast Asia, University of Lund, Sweden, October-November 2014
  • Fully funded Fellowship, Southeast Asia Program, The University of Freiburg, Germany, June-July 2013
  • Fellow, International Institute for Asian Studies, University of Leiden, 2006 and 2010
  • Fully Funded Fellow, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, 2009

Engagement and Professional contributions

  • Publications Officer, Executive Committee Asian Studies Association of Australia
  • Book Series Editor: Sussex Library of Asian Studies Series, Sussex Academic Press, 2006-
  • Publications Officer for the Asian Studies Association of Australia, 2005-present
  • Regional Editor for Southeast Asia,Asian Studies Review,2009-present

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Honours students successfully supervised to graduation

Supervised supervised 9 honours students one received the prize for best dissertation in history, 5 received first class honours (finishing in the top three of the class for dissertation marks), 4 received second class division 1. Topics ranged from human rights in Burma, elections in Indonesia since 1998, People Power 2 'revolution' in the Philippines, Marcos and Legitimization in the Philippines, Tourism in Thailand, women in Sri Lankan Politics, Filipino domestic helpers, Gender in Jose Rizal's novels, memories of martial law in the Philippines, and the Khmer Rouge.

Other students successfully supervised