Dr Robin Derricourt

Honorary Associate Professor
MA, PhD (Cambridge), FAHA, FSA
School of Humanities & Languages


Research interests include:

History of archaeology; archaeology and religion; the prehistory of childhood; archaeology and historiography of ancient Egypt, Near East and Africa; settlement history and archaeology; publishing industry and book publishing models.


Publications: Books

Unearthing Childhood: young lives in prehistory, Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2018 , distributed in North America by Oxford University Press and in Australasia by Footprint Books. http://www.manchesteruniversitypress.co.uk/9781526128089 

Antiquity Imagined: the remarkable legacy of Egypt and the Ancient Near East, London: I.B. Tauris, 2015, distributed in North America by Bookmasters and in Australasia by Footprint Books.

Inventing Africa: history, archaeology and ideas, London: Pluto Press, 2011, distributed in North America by University of Chicago Press and in Australasia by Co Info.

The Email Tamer (with Veechi Curtis), Sydney: Woodslane, Australian Business Essentials, 2013.

An Author's Guide to Scholarly Publishing, Princeton NJ: Princeton University Press, 1996, copublished as:

Ideas into Books: a guide to scholarly and non-fiction publishing, Melbourne: Penguin Books, 1996.

Man on the Kafue: the archaeology and history of the Itezhitezhi area of Zambia, London: Ethnographica and New York: Lilian Barber Press, 1985.

People of the Lakes: archaeological studies in Northern Zambia, Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1980.

Prehistoric Man in the Ciskei and Transkei, Cape Town: Struik, 1977.

Beyond the Cape Frontier: essays on the history of the Transkei and Ciskei (ed. with C. Saunders), London: Longman, 1974.


Publications: Selected Recent Articles

"The making of a radical archaeologist: the early years of Vere Gordon Childe", Australian Archaeology 79, (2014), 54-64.

"The changing careers of Vere Gordon Childe", Antiquity 88 (340), (2014), 632-638.

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Affiliations and membership

Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities

Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London