Associate Professor Simon Lumsden

Associate Professor


PhD Sydney

School of Humanities & Languages


(02) 9385 2369
335 Morven Brown
Kensington Campus
Fields: Social Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Environmental Philosophy, Hermeneutic and Critical Theory

Simon Lumsden is Associate Professor of philosophy. He has been a DAAD research fellow at the Free University, Berlin and held an Australian Research Council Post-Doctoral fellowship at the University of Sydney prior to his employment at UNSW. His research is primarily concerned with German Idealism (with a special interest in Hegel), the Philosophy of History, Modern European Philosophy and Environmental Philosophy.


Teaching and Supervision

ARTS1360 Philosophy, Morality and Society
ARTS2362 Alienation and Social Critique
ARTS33375 Hegel and German Idealism

Supervision areas

  1. German Idealism (Hegel)
  2. Environmental Philosophy
  3. Modern European Philosophy
  4. Habit
  5. Philosophy of History

Current Doctoral Research Students:

Joshua O'Rourke: Religion in Hegel'sPhenomenology of Spirit

James Banwell: Hegel and Representationalism

Sharri Lembryk:Anthropomorphic Bias in Animal Ethics: Toward a New Model of Inquiry

Kate Judith: Environmental Philosophy

Doctoral Completions

Scott Mcbride:Empiricism and Apprenticeship: Structure and Method in the works of Deleuze

Lenka Ucnik:Ethics, Politics and the Transformative Possibilities of the Self in Arendt and Foucault

Engagement and Professional contributions

National Tertiary Education Union

Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy (ASCP)

Simon convenes the InnerWest Council Philosophy series

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