History is an exciting and challenging discipline. Our aim is to cultivate interest in history and make studying at UNSW an intellectually enriching experience.

UNSW History is also uniquely global. Our experts cover Australia, the Americas (US and Latin America), the Pacific, Europe (east, west and south), and most of Asia, including India, China, Japan and South East Asia. Although our largest area lies in modern history, we also teach courses in ancient history. Students can choose from a variety of topics, or can focus on specific areas from first year through to third year

History is available through the following undergraduate study options:

Sample courses 

History have a variety of course options. After completing the introductory courses students focus on at least two different geographical areas in history ranging from Ancient history, Europe, Asia, the Americas, Australia and/or one themed area (women and gender studies). We offer courses in both Ancient history (Rome, Classical Greece, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Dynasties), but we are particularly strong in modern history showcasing our special expertise in Germany, India, Southeast Asia, Korea, China, Eastern Europe, the French and British empires, Australia, Legal history, the US, Latin America, France, Greece, and the history of medicine to name a few.


Studying Honours in the School of Humanities and Languages offers a chance to develop your research and professional skills guided by staff who are passionate about research and the development of new researchers. The research produced by an Honours student can set them apart from other graduates because of the skills developed, and the extended engagement in a relevant field of study. Honours is available as a fourth year for high achieving students.

Higher Degree Research

History is available to students interested in a Masters by research or a PhD.

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