Postgraduate Coursework

Our Masters programs provide a contemporary and well-rounded education in interpreting and translation, combining theoretical, practical and professional courses.

Our students are provided with a learner-centered learning environement where they acquire academic and professional interpreting and translation skills, as well as generic and analytical skills of critical thinking, problem-solving and communication. Learning is set in translation and interpreting theoretical frameworks and is based on the current research findings. Relevant professional and technical skills are developed through professional and practical courses, including a courses exclusively dedicated to professional practice, which incorporates collaboration with the industry.

Career opportunities are diverse, with interpreting and translation services required in a variety of domestic and international settings, including health, legal, business, diplomatic and academic sectors.

Our three cutting-edge degrees include:

We offer all the programs in English and seven different language streams including Chinese (Mandarin), French, Indonesion, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish (subject to student demand). Some courses are run in English only and can be taken by students of any language combination as non-award courses.

Sample Courses

I & T Theory



Accreditation Studies 


Language enhancement 

NAATI accreditation in Interpreting and Translation Studies

All our Masters programs are NAATI approved at the following levels:

  • Master of Translation (8203) is accredited at Professional Translator level
  • Master of Interpreting (8202) is accredited at Professional interpreter level
  • Master of Translation and Interpreter (8204) is accredited at Professional translator and Professional interpreter levels


  • Master of Interpreting (8202) and Master of Translation and Interpreter (8204) are also approved at Conference Interpreter level for Chinese, French, Korean, Russian and Spanish
  • Master of Interpreting (8202) and Master of Translation and Interpreter (8204) students may also be accredited at Paraprofessional level, should they not meet all the requirements of Professional Interpreter


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Higher Degree Research

We supervise PhD and Master by Research students in Interpreting and Translation studies.

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