Community Engagement

Languages and Culture staff have extensive engagement with the wider community and the respective language and cultural institutions in Australia. This ensures that our programs are up-to-date with current socio-political, cultural and language trends. Some of these organisations and institutions are listed below:

Chinese Studies

Staff in Chinese Studies are involved in research collaboration with numerous organisations and universities in China and internationally. They also actively cooperate with Australian-based organisations promoting the study of Chinese languages and culture such as the UNSW Confucius Institute, the Australian-Chinese Community Association and Australia-China Youth Association.

French Studies

The French stream maintains strong community links with associations such as the Australian Society for French studies and the Alliance Française, thus endeavouring to consolidate a close relationship with current intellectual and artistic francophone movements. We not only promote local French cultural activities, such as plays and films, but we also try and encourage some form of external participation into our class activities by inviting guest speakers who make the student's learning more relevant and in phase with teaching activities.

German Studies

German Studies staff are involved with numerous German academic and community organisations. We regularly cooperate with the Goethe Institute Sydney in organising talks on topical or historical issues and are involved in events accompanying its annual festival of German films.

Greek Studies

Greek Studies has forged strong links with a number of key associations and organisations of the Greek Australian community, such as the Greek Orthodox Community of NSW and the Australasian Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (A.HE.PA). This enables us to reach out to a wider audience and inform them about our activities and programs at UNSW. We also strive to increase our profile through the organisation of public events that are of direct relevance and concern to the wider Greek community.

Japanese Studies

UNSW Japanese has strong ties with Japanese language and cultural studies organizations all over the world, as well as with the Japanese government and the local Japanese community. We have hosted two international conferences on Japanese language education in 2009 and 2014, which firmly placed UNSW Japanese on the world map. Our students benefit from the network and have been receiving a number of government and non-government scholarships every year. UNSW Japanese program is active in participating in local community events. Our students have won six out of twelve national titles in Japanese speech contest since 2011. We have also been hosting JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) for NSW since 1996.

Korean Studies

Korean Studies staff and students have on-going and extensive engagement with various government, professional and community organisations. Through the engagements we interact with a variety of professional people in the community for, for example, information delivery, involvement, collaboration, empowered action and partnerships. The local and overseas organisations Korean Studies currently engage with include: Korean Cultural Office, Korean Education Centre, Korean Consulate-General Office, Choonpa Korean Scholarships, Korean Language Teachers’ Association, Korean Studies Association of Australasia, Korea Foundation and the Academy of Korean Studies.

Spanish and Latin American Studies

Staff in Spanish and Latin American Studies are involved in research collaboration with European, Latin American, and U.S. universities. They also actively cooperate with the Instituto Cervantes.