Welcome to philosophy at UNSW Australia in Sydney. We are one of only few philosophy programs internationally covering three major traditions of philosophical thought: continental European, analytic, and Chinese. Drawing on the wealth of wisdom and insights in these three traditions, we ask fundamental questions concerning the nature of reality, knowledge, society and human existence. This is what you will learn to do as well when you study philosophy with us.

Philosophical questions are at the core of politics, history, law, business, peacemaking and warfare, the creative arts, literature, science and technology; and to really understand and engage with the key issues of any of these human endeavours you will need skills that philosophy specialises in. The capacity to gather, critically evaluate and organize large and complex bodies of information is ever more important in complex contemporary societies and nothing teaches you to do this better than studying philosophy. No wonder, philosophy graduates are well represented in leading positions everywhere where there is need for intellectual capacities that go beyond the ordinary.

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Here is a link to a video, produced by the Australasian Association of Philosophy, on ‘What is Philosophy ’?