2016 UNSW Annual I&T Symposium: A Dialogue between Interpreting and Translation practitioners and agencies

When:15 Apr 2016, 4:30pm - 6:30pm
Venue:Central Lecture Block 6, UNSW Australia (Map Ref E19)
I&T Symposium 2016

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The quality of the work of interpreters and translators can depend on many factors, including their competence and ethical behaviour, the conditions under which they are required to work, the understanding of their role by those who work with them and the respect they are afforded by those who employ them or hire their services. Lack of mutual understanding and poor communication between parties tend to lead to poor relationships and inadequate working conditions. I&T practitioners receive much of their work through agencies, both private and public. The relationship between practitioners and agencies has not always been ideal, with some seeing it as adversaries working towards different ends. However, such a negative view may be based on misconceptions and misunderstandings. The purpose of this symposium is to start a dialogue between agencies and practitioners to openly discuss each other’s expectations, needs and goals, build bridges and improve communication and mutual understanding and respect.

Program : Panel and Q&A session

4:30 pm – 4:35 pm - Welcome by Deputy Head of School, Associate Professor James Lee

4:35 pm – 4:40 pm - Introduction by Professor Sandra Hale, I&T Program convenor

4:40 pm – 4:50 pm - Introduction to the panel by Associate Professor Ludmila Stern

4:50 pm – 6:20 pm - Panel and Q&A session

6:20 pm – 6:30 pm - Discussion and conclusions by Associate Professor Uldis Ozolins

2016 Symposium participants

  • Private agencies represented by AALC (Georgiana Poulter), OnCall (Ari Pappas), ATL (Marie Bancel-Guezello)
  • Public agencies represented by MNSW (George Bisas), Health Care Interpreters Service (Gordana Vasic), TIS (Alison Thorne)
  • AUSIT (Sandra Hale)
  • Practitioners – Sean Cheng, (Chinese I&T) John Benson (French I&T), Kathy Wright (Auslan), Amelia Lemondhi (Indonesian I&T)
  • PA (Matt Harris) National Campaign Director

Register for the Symposium here

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