Audiovisual Translation and Going Global of Chinese Film and Television

When:14 Aug 2018, 3pm - 4:30pm
Venue:G31, Old Main Building, Kensington Campus, UNSW
Who:Dr Jin Haina, School Foreign Languages, Communication University of China

Abstract: China has become a major country in film and television production. Since 2011, Chinese governmental agencies began to implement several projects such as “Sino-Africa Film and TV Cooperation Project”, “Silk Road Film Television Bridge Project” to promote the dissemination of Chinese film and television overseas through translation. Meanwhile, Chinese and overseas film and television companies have been increasing their efforts in the translation of Chinese film and television. Thirdly, fansubbing also facilitates the overseas dissemination of Chinese film and television. Fans are one of the most powerful forces for the going global of Chinese film and television, taking their contributions in translation on Mydramalist and Viki as an example. There are three main modes of translating Chinese film and television for overseas market, which are the government-sponsored mode, the commercial mode and the voluntary mode. The translation entities, contents of translation, target audience, broadcast channels and effects of the three translation modes will be discussed in the speech and suggestions for future translation of Chinese film and television for overseas market will also be put forward

Bio: Dr. Jin Haina is an associate professor in audiovisual translation in Communication University of China. Her research interests include audiovisual translation and translation history. She is the principal investigator of two China National Social Science funded projects on audiovisual translation. She has published a book entitled Towards a History of Translating Chinese Films (1905-1949) and is now working on a sequel of the 110 years’ history of translating Chinese Films into foreign languages and is a curator for an audiovisual translation exhibition at China Film Museum (to be held in 2020). She has been in the organizing committee of the Sino-Foreign Audiovisual Translation and Dubbing Cooperation Workshop of Beijing Film Festival and Shanghai Film Festival since 2015. She is the guest editor for the special issue of Journal of Chinese Cinemas: Translation and Dissemination of Chinese Cinemas (to be published in December 2018). She is also on the advisory board of Journal of Audiovisual Translation and the Language and Media Conference.

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