Grassroots Responses to Extractivism

When:22 Mar 2016, 12pm - 1pm
Venue:Morven Brown 310 (map ref C20)
Who:Panel members: A/Prof Anne Bartlett (UNSW), Dr. Paul Munro (UNSW), Professor Dorothy Kidd (University of San Francisco)
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The push towards the exploitation of natural resources – often called extractivism - is accelerating the mining of coltan and other rare minerals for electronic goods, precious metals as replacements for the dollar and other currencies, and zinc and copper for industrial expansion. Today more than ninety countries have reduced or abolished foreign ownership restrictions, reduced taxes and environmental, labor and human rights regulations, and opened up low-cost investment opportunities for transnational companies. Complicating easy analyses, both left and right-wing governments have championed extractivist policies as essential to the restoration of national sovereignty, domestication of capital flows, and programs of income redistribution and public investment.

These developments have generated bitter struggles over life and death in local communities, which include assaults and murders, environmental degradation, loss of control over local government, and long-standing ways of life. This lunchtime panel will discuss the proliferation of extractivism in Australia, Latin America and Africa. It will also examine grassroots resistance to these policies.

Panel members:

A/Prof Anne Bartlett, HAL, UNSW

Dr. Paul Munro, HAL, UNSW

Professor Dorothy Kidd, University of San Francisco

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