Happiness, ecology, and life in glass--a workshop

When:24 Feb 2015, 10am - 3pm
Venue:John Goodsell 221/223, UNSW (map ref F20)

Workshop speakers

Sara Ahmed is Professor of Race and Cultural Studies and Director of the Centre for Feminist Research at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Her work explores the messiness of the experiential, the unfolding of bodies into worlds, and the drama of contingency - how we are touched by what comes near.

Sarah Franklin is Professor of Social Studies of Biomedicine and Associate Director of the BIOS Centre at the London School of Economics. She focuses on reproductive and genetic technologies, combining traditional anthropological approaches with more recent approaches from science studies, gender theory, and cultural studies.

Elspeth Probyn is Professor of Gender & Cultural Studies at the University of Sydney, adjunct Professor of Cultural Geography at the University of Western Australia, and adjunct Research Professor at the University of South Australia. Her research analyses the role of place and community within the transglobal food system - she focuses more specifically on the "more-than-human" sustainable fish communities.

Eben Kirksey is a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Humanities at UNSW Australia (The University of New South Wales), and is currently holding an Australian Research Council Fellowship (2014-2017). Crossing conventional disciplinary divides, his research focuses on the political dimensions of imagination as well as the interplay of natural and cultural history.

Thom van Dooren is a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Humanities at UNSW. His current work focuses on some of the many philosophical, ethical, cultural and political issues that arise in the context of species extinctions and wildlife management – with a particular focus on crows and people around the world

Event location

The workshop will be held in room 221/223 in the John Goodsell Building, level 2, which is located on the upper campus near the library. (map ref F20)

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