Hearing Voices: Working with Language and Literature

When:5 Sep 2017, 3pm - 4:30pm
Venue:Civil Engineering 109 (map ref H20)
Who:Stephanie Smee
Stephanie Smee

Interpreting & Translation Seminar


A literary translator, Stephanie Smee talks about her transition from a legal career to languages and translation, the development of her career, her inspirations and approaches to literary translation. In conversation with Ludmila Stern, Stephanie will discuss the theory and practice of her literary translation process, the tactics when translating 19th century children's literature, including the tales of Countess of Segur and Jules Verne's novel, Mikhail Strogoff, as well as a recently published translation of a post WWII survivivor's memoir by Françoise Frenkel No Place to Lay One's Head. She will also talk about the historical, linguistic and cultural challenges that arise during the translation, and how she overcomes them.

About Stephanie Smee

Stephanie left a career in the law to pursue her passion for languages. After working for a number of years as a legal translator from French to English, she turned to literary translation and has been loving every moment.

Her most recent translation of Françoise Frenkel’s memoir No Place to Lay One’s Head was published by Vintage Press in May, 2017. First published in Switzerland in 1945, it is the first English translation of this moving story of survival in Vichy France.

Stephanie is also the co-translator, with her Swedish mother, Ann-Margrete, of Gösta Knutsson’s iconic Swedish children’s classics, The Adventures of Pelle No-Tail, published in 2017 by Piccolo Nero.

In 2016, Eagle Books published her translation of Jules Verne’s Mikhail Strogoff, the first new English translation of this classic French historical adventure in over a century.

And Simon & Schuster (Aust.) has published six of her translations of the Countess de Ségur’s 19th century French children’s books, including the beloved Sophie’s Misfortunes and the tale of everybody’s favourite mischievous donkey, Monsieur Cadichon.


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