Wolfe + Whiteman: Landscape and Inscription: Video Installation Work

When:19 Feb 2015, 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Venue:Rupert Myers Theatre (map ref M15)
Who:Cary Wolfe and Maria Whiteman

Through poetry, video, and theoretical discussion, this ecological project investigates the movement and migration of human and animal populations across landscapes, focusing on the Pine Beetle infestation in Colorado’s mountainous regions. The work and presentation consider questions of geological time and force, global warming/climate change, circuits of energy production and distribution, human interfaces with the environment, among other considerations.

About Cary Wolfe

Cary Wolfe is Bruce and Elizabeth Dunlevie Professor of English and the founding Director of the Center of Critical and Cultural Theory at Rice University. His work focuses on various topics such as animal studies and posthumanism, systems theory and pragmatism, biopolitics and biophilosophy, and American literature and culture

About Maria Whiteman

Maria Whiteman is Assistant Professor of Drawing and Intermedia in Fine Arts at the University of Alberta. Her current art practice explores themes such as art and science, relationships between industry, community and nature, and the place of animals in our cultural and social imaginary. In addition to her studio work, she conducts research in contemporary art theory and visual culture.

Event location

The event is being held in the Rupert Myers Theatre at UNSW, off of Barker Street. The Rupert Myers Theatre is adjacent to the Old Main Building (map ref M15).

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