Latitudes 2016 seminar: Media monopolies and political power in Latin America: the case of Argentina

When:29 Apr 2016, 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Venue:Morven Brown 310 (map ref C20)


Latitudes invites academics, students, the Latin American academic community in Australia and the general public to its first seminar for 2016. On this occasion, we will discuss the latest developments in Argentina and reflect on the role played by mass media conglomerates in these events. We will show a special video interview for Latitudes with Mr Pedro Brieger, journalist, sociologist and international analyst at Public Television in Argentina since 2004. The event will also include presentations from Mr Federico Fuentes (author, editor, and experienced writer), and the Editors/Directors of Latitudes, Dr Pablo Leighton and Dr Fernando López. 

Pedro Rubén Brieger is a prestigious Argentine journalist and sociologist who holds the Chair of Sociology in the Middle East in the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has worked in several newspapers, including Clarín, El Cronista, La Nación, Página 12, Perfil, Miami Herald; and magazines like Noticias, Tres Puntos, Revista Veintitrés and Lemond diplomatique. Mr Brieger conducts the TV news program Visión 7 Internacional (2004-1016) and was until very recently a columnist in international politics and specialist in geopolitics at the Public TV network’s daily news Visión 7 (2004-2016). He received numerous awards for his work in journalism, including the Casa de las Américas Mention (1989); Martin Fierro awards and nominations for his journalistic investigations, TV and radio programs (1992-2014); Democracy Awards (2011); and Olmedo Awards (2011). In August 2013 Mr Brieger launched the news web portal which covers news from the entire continent.

From Kirchner to Macri-Continuity and change in twenty-first century Argentina. By Federico Fuentes.

Federico Fuentes is Assistant Editor of Links Journal of Socialist Renewal. He is a writer for Green Left Weekly, edits the blog Bolivia Rising and is part of the editorial collective. From 2007 to 2010 Fuentes reported for Green Left Weekly from Caracas, Venezuela. In Caracas he was based at the Fundación Centro Internacional Miranda as a resident researcher investigating twenty-first century political instruments and popular participation in public management. Fuentes has co-authored three books with Marta Harnecker on the new left in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Paraguay and co-authored, with Michael Fox and Roger Burbach, "Latin America's Turbulent Transitions: The Future of Twenty-First Century Socialism". He was a contributing author to "Latin America's Radical Left", edited by Steve Ellner. His articles have appeared on TeleSUR, ZNet, Counterpunch, MRZine,, Aporrea, Rebelión, America XXI, Comuna, and other publications and websites in both Spanish and English.

“Don’t lie to the people Daniel!”: how to re-neoliberalise an economy in 100 days. By Fernando López

Fernando López holds a PhD in History from the University of New South Wales and a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in History from the same institution. Together with Pablo Leighton, he co-directs Latitudes: Latin American Research Group Australia. He is in charge of Latitudes’ upcoming research project Down/South: Atlantic, which explores diplomatic relations and economic ties between Australia and the dictatorships of Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina during the 1970s and 1980s. His areas of research focus on contemporary Latin American History and the Cold War in Latin America.

Football and other media struggles for hegemony in Argentina and South America. By Pablo Leighton

Pablo Leighton researches the notion and practices of propaganda in 20th century and current media, and specifically on the history of audio-visual culture in Chile and Latin America since the 1970s until today. He has taught at universities in Australia, United States, Chile and Honduras, and has worked as film director, screenwriter and editor in various fiction and documentary productions. He holds a PhD in Latin American studies from Universidad de Santiago de Chile, and in Media and Cultural Studies from Macquarie University, Sydney. He also has a Master of Fine Arts in Filmmaking from Massachusetts College of Art (Boston, US). He is co-director of the Latin American Research Group Australia with Fernando López, and heads Latitudes’ research project The Down/South Archive (SCL-SYD: Politics and Media), a research initiative to create an archival historiography of the political, economic and cultural relations between Australia and Latin America since the 1970s.

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