Launch of Latitudes: "Latin American Research Group Australia" and first 2014 debate

When:21 Mar 2014, 4pm - 6pm
Venue:Morven Brown 310 (map ref C20)
Who:Fernando López, Dr. Pablo Leighton, Florencia Melgar
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Latitudes, the Latin American Research Group Australia invites the community to the launch of this association of researchers and citizens, and to the first of its 2014 Debates

The event will start with a brief introduction of the program organized for this year, which includes numerous talks from national and international scholars, as well as original research initiatives to expand the field of Latin American studies in Australia. This will be followed by three presentations.

Fernando López, PhD candidate in History at UNSW School of Humanities and Languages will present Information: Human right or market commodity? Lessons from the Argentine Media Law. This presentation traces the debates that have emerged in Argentina since the introduction of Law 26,522 on Audiovisual Communication Services in 2009 by the government of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. As a first step in a larger project for this year, this presentation will identify the main contenders in the long and bitter legal dispute that began immediately after its introduction, the strengths and weaknesses of the legislation, and share some initial conclusions.

Dr. Pablo Leighton, PhD in Media & Cultural Studies from Macquarie University, and in Latin American Studies from Universidad de Santiago de Chile, will present A brief history of the battles against dictatorial mass media in Chile during Pinochet’s most repressive years (1973-78). This is an account of an open dispute of hegemony in Chile, specifically against the large cultural power of dictatorial mass media until today. This presentation covers events not long after the coup, when relatives of human rights victims comprehended that State violence and communication media were closely related.

Finally, Florencia Melgar, journalist and independent researcher will present Australian intelligence agencies’ agreements with foreign counterparts and their impact in journalism and justice. Melgar investigated the mutual support between Chile´s and Australia´s secret services during Augusto Pinochet´s dictatorship. The research proves the participation of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) in Chile´s coup in 1973, supporting CIA operations to overthrow Salvador Allende.

There will be refreshments at the end of presentations.


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