Marx and Bioeconomy Conference

When:14 Mar 2014, 2pm - 6pm
Venue:John Goodsell 119 (map ref F20)
Who:Dr Jessica Whyte, Dr. Charles Barbour, Professor Brett Neilson, Dr.Melinda Cooper. With comments by Professor Thomas Lemke and Professor Miguel Vatter
Marx & Biochemistry

Biopolitical Studies Research Network

Marx noticed that capital seemed to reproduce itself as if it were a living thing. Nowadays, the shift towards a bioeconomy seeks in the reproduction of forms of life new sources for the generation of surplus value. This conference will thematize the productive encounter between new research on Marx’s analysis of capital and the framework of biopolitics. Can a biopolitical reading of Marx provide insights into the dynamics of contemporary global bioeconomy? Conversely, on what assumptions about life and the reproduction of the life-process does the capitalist bioeconomy rely, and can these pose an insurmountable barrier for capitalism?

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Panel 1: 2:00-3:30PM

  • Dr Jessica Whyte, Lecturer in Cultural and Social Analysis, University of Western Sydney  Title: "'Man produces universally': Production and Praxis in Agamben and Marx".
  • Dr. Charles Barbour, Lecturer in School of Humanities and Languages, University of Western Sydney  Title: “Feuerbach Revisited: Essence, Politics, and Biopolitics in the Early Marx”

Comment: Professor Miguel Vatter, School of Social Sciences, UNSW

Coffee Pause: 3:30-4:00PM

Panel 2: 4:00-5:30OM

  • Professor Brett Neilson, Research Director, Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney  Title: “Logistical power and the politics of operations: from the Varignon frame to enterprise software”
  • Dr.Melinda Cooper, Department of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Sydney  Title: "The Problem of Unreproductive Labour - Marx, Family Law and the Breadwinner's Wage."

Comment: Professor Thomas Lemke, Goethe-University Fra nkfurt.

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