Plant Vocalities: Articulating Botanical Sensoria in the Experimental Arts and Sciences

When:15 Oct 2013, 5pm - 6:30pm
Venue:Morven Brown 310
Who:Associate Professor Natasha Myers

Environmental Humanities Seminar

Vegetal life is emerging as a critical site of inquiry and experimentation for both artists and scientists. In their hands, plants are coming to matter as more than merely food, fuel, and fodder; indeed artists and scientists have become captivated by plants’ sensoria and sentience.

In this seminar Natasha Myers will take us into this remarkable world through an anthropological study that explores how scientists, such as Indian polymath JC Bose (1858-1937), and contemporary performance artists have devised experiments to “give voice” to the “unvoiced life” of plants.

Natasha Myers is Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology and a member of the Institute for Science and Technology Studies at York University, Canada. An anthropologist of science and technology, she examines forms of life in the contemporary arts and sciences. She is currently completing work on her first book, Rendering Life Molecular, which documents scientists’ lively renderings of molecules in the laboratories and pedagogical spaces that are transforming contemporary molecular biology. Links to her projects can be found on her website:

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