Psychological Approaches to Translation: Eye Tracking and New Frontiers

When:25 Mar 2014, 3pm - 4pm
Venue:Morven Brown 310 (map ref C20)
Who:Stephen Doherty
Stephen Doherty Gaze

Interpreting & Translation Seminar

Abstract: Research into translation has enjoyed consistent growth and diversity in recent years, especially with the adoption of quantitative tools, concepts, and methodologies from other disciplines, most notably psychology and cognitive science. Out of these developments, areas of interest have formed in reading and translation process studies, eye tracking, and translation technology - all of which present academics and practitioners with a wide range of stimulating and rewarding directions with both theoretical and practical implications.

This paper introduces a roadmap to contemporary translation research and highlights the strong links between the above areas by drawing upon examples from recent empirical studies of eye tracking and cognition in the context of reading and translating, subtitling/captioning on television, and the usability and pedagogy of translation technologies. Moving on from this, meanings and applications for practice and education are explored by identifying potential ways forward in this developing cross-disciplinary area.

Bio: Stephen Doherty, BA, HDip, PhD, MBPsS, has been researching and lecturing in the areas of cognitive and affective human-computer interactions across a range of multimodal contexts including translation and language processing, video games, online media and communities, and subtitling/captioning. His PhD and subsequent post-doctoral research at Dublin City University was funded by Science Foundation Ireland and the European Commission, and primarily concerned mixed-methods research using eye tracking and psychological approaches to reading and translation processes and the usage of translation technologies. Since 2008, he has been lecturing in language and translation technologies and research methods to undergraduate and post-graduate students, as well as courses in languages and communications at other levels. His publications include several published high-impact journal articles, international conference papers, invited papers, and a variety of practitioner workshops. He has acted as an editor for conference proceedings, including the International Post-graduate Conference in Translation and Interpreting, has served on programme and organising committees, most recently: Scientific Advisor for the Psychology Society of Ireland, and the Multimodality and Cyberpsychology conference series, and also on the review board for several journals in his field.

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