Sensory Dissonance: The Clash of Cultures in Urban Memories

When:11 Oct 2013, 5pm - 7pm
Venue:History House, 33 Macquarie Street, Sydney
Who:Professor Paula Hamilton, UTS
Paul Hamilton

Australian Studies Research Network

We understand cities primarily through the visual, seeing them everyday through our mind’s eye, but the city can engage all our senses as an invocation to remembering. This paper draws on people’s sensual memories of their city and suburbs as places of everyday life in order to explore the gentrification and deindustrialisation process from the inside. It utilises some of the recent research in cultural history to explore a multi-sensorial landscape of the past.

Paula Hamilton is Professor of History at the University of Technology, Sydney and co-director of the Australian Centre for Public History. Her recent work includes, Places of the Heart, co-authored with Paul Ashton and Rose Searby, and History at the Crossroads with Paul Ashton.

Postgrads, professional historians and members of the public are

particularly welcome. Wine and snacks will be served, and we will adjourn for early dinner nearby. Please circulate this invitation. For more information, please contact Lisa Ford ( or Nancy Cushing (

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