Special Event with Professor Alan Lester, University of Sussex

When:12 Nov 2015, 12:30pm - 2pm
Venue:Morven Brown 310, UNSW (Map Ref: C20)
Who:Professor Alan Lester, University of Sussex
Colonization and Origins of the Humanitarian Governance

History Seminar Series - Special Event


Governor George Grey's activities in colonial government are notorious. His ethnography is known to have been influential. But how exactly did the two activities relate? Why did Grey's programme of 'amalgamation' become so influential and how was it generated from both ethnographic and governmental understandings? This paper seeks to shed new light on these questions and on the origins of humanitarian colonial governance.

About Alan Lester

Alan Lester is a renowned historian of British Empire in the early nineteenth century. His work on imperial careering, humanitarianism and reform is foundational to the research questions and methodologies of the New Imperial History.


From 2pm, Alan will meet with interested postgraduate students to discuss his work and the advantages and pitfalls of various historiographical approaches – settler colonialism, biography, assemblage and humanitarian governmentality included.

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