Talking like a lawyer: Interpreting courtroom questions from English to Chinese

When:14 Oct 2014, 3pm - 4pm
Venue:John Goodsell LG19 (map ref F20)
Who:Xin Liu
Xin Liu 1.jpg

Interpreting & Translation Seminar 

In an adversarial courtroom, questioning strategies are powerful tools for lawyers to have control over witness testimonies. Whether these strategies can be adequately relayed from one language to another in a bilingual courtroom is crucial for all participants in court. Using discourse analysis and a quasi-experimental design, this study aims to investigate the most common linguistic challenges when courtroom questions are interpreted from English to Chinese in an adversarial legal system, and the effectiveness of specialized legal interpreter training in improving interpreters’ ability to render courtroom questions accurately into Chinese. Drawing on the moot court exercise organized by the UNSW Interpreting & Translation Program and the Law Faculty, some preliminary findings will be presented.

Xin Liu is a PhD candidate at UNSW Australia. Before she came to Australia, she taught English and Mandarin Chinese at the Dalian University of Technology, PRC. She also worked as a Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant at Union College in New York. Her research interests include legal interpreting, forensic linguistics, discourse analysis and pragmatics.

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