The application of systemic functional linguistics to the analysis of translation

When:22 Nov 2016, 4pm - 5pm
Venue:Central Lecture Block 1 (Map Ref E19)
Who:Prof Jeremy Munday (University of Leeds, UK)
Jeremy Munday

Interpreting & Translation Guest Lecture


This lecture will discuss translation analysis based on systemic functional linguistics, using recent work in this field (e.g. Target 27.3, on discourse analysis in translation studies). It will then focus on one of the linguistic metafunctions, the interpersonal, and the use of appraisal theory (Martin and White 2005) for the analysis of writer/speaker stance, following principally the approach adopted in Evaluation in Translation (Munday 2012). Particular attention will be paid to illustrating the variation of Graduation and intensification in translated texts and how these relate to translation norms and universals.

This event is supported by the UNSW Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Distinguished Visitor Scheme and UNSW School of Humanities & Languages.

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