The Family in Imperial, Colonial & Transnational Histories

When:30 Sep 2013, 3:30pm - 9:15pm
Venue:Goodsell Building Room 221-223
Who:Humanities & Languages

A Symposium Sponsored by the Research Cluster on Imperial, Colonial and Transnational Histories


9:15AM           Opening of Symposium: Professor Vanessa Lemm, Head of School, School of Humanities & Languages.

9:30-11am      Session 1 - Rethinking and Critiquing the Family

                       Chair: Associate Professor Nicholas Doumanis, History Convenor

                       1. Dr, Stefania Bernini, Communist Families in Postwar Europe: East and West.

                       2. Associate Professor Mina Roces, Migration and the Rethinking of the Filipino Family Over the Long

                       Twentieth Century.

                       3. Mr Mathew Radcliffe (PhD candidate History), Re-imaging ‘Family’ in White Australia: The Battle to

                       Recognise ‘Asian Marriages’ for Australian Servicemen in Post-War Southeast Asia.

11-11:30am     Morning Tea

11:30-1pm      Session 2 - Fashioning and Refashioning Family Structures

                        Chair: Professor David Cahill, co-leader, Research Cluster on Imperial, Colonial and Transnational


                        4. Dr. Ruth Balint, To Reunite the Dispersed Family: Displaced Persons and the Evolution of Tracing

                        in the Postwar Era.

                        5. Dr. Geoff Nathan, Empire and the Mediterranean Family Model. Extended kin in the experiences of

                        Ausonius and Libanius.

                        6. Dr. Peter Ross, The State and the Family in Contemporary Latin America.

1-2pm              Lunch

2-3:30pm         Roundtable Discussion with our invited scholars from Sydney University and Macquarie University on

                        “Doing Research on the Family in Imperial, Colonial and Transnational Histories”

                        Chair: Associate Professor Mina Roces, co-leader, Research Cluster on Imperial, Colonial and

                        Transnational Histories.

                        Discussants/Rapporteurs: Professor Sheila Fitzpatrick, The University of Sydney and Dr Tanya Evans,

                        Macquarie University.

3:30pm            Afternoon tea and close

* Participants need to register for the event with Mina Roces by September 2, 2013.

Image Caption: The Australian/Indonesian O’Keefe/Jacob Family in Melbourne in 1949. The family reads letters of support as they face deportation despite John O’Keefe being a British Subject and Australian Citizen — image is privately held.

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