'The Law of the Land has God’s Anointing’—Rorty on Religion, Language, & Politics

When:11 Dec 2018, 12:30pm - 2pm
Venue:Room 310, Morven Brown Building, Kensington Campus
Who:Dr Tracy Llanera (University of Connecticut)
Tracy Llanera


In his writings on religion and American politics, Richard Rorty emphasizes how religious language functions as a conversation-stopper. Dr Llanera approaches the issue from a different angle. While acknowledging Rorty’s claim that the language of religion and the practice of democratic politics are often in tension with one another, she draws attention to the fact that the politics of religious language is more complicated than Rorty's conversation-stopper model suggests it is. Llanera developes this argument by examining recent sociological work on the pernicious use of religious language by militant Christian groups to support the Philippine Drug War. Her analysis of pernicious harm bolsters Rorty’s case against the irresponsible employment of religious language in the public sphere. It also offers insights on the fraught relationship between religion and politics today.


Tracy Llanera is an Assistant Research Professor of Philosophy at the University of Connecticut. Her areas of specialization are philosophy of religion, social and political philosophy, and pragmatism. She is working on her first book entitled Outgrowing Modern Nihilism and on two research projects on nihilism and conversion.

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