Translation Choices of Nominal Groups Modified by Embedded Clauses: A Systemic Functional Linguistics Perspective

When:20 Sep 2016, 3pm - 4:30am
Venue:Matthews 226 (Map ref F23)
Who:Mira Kim (UNSW), Jason Heffernan and Bosheng Jing
Dr Mira Kim

Interpreting & Translation Seminar - All Welcome


Translation is the product of a decision-making process during which the translator constantly decides whether or not s/he wants to choose the same linguistic choice made in the Source Text or make a translation shift by making a different linguistic choice. In this process, the translator considers a number of contextual variables and typological differences between the two languages concerned. Some of the shifts are made nearly automatically; others made with much consideration and hesitation. One of those which may make translators stop and consider a few options is nominal groups modified by embedded clauses, which are referred to as defining relative clauses in traditional grammar. It is particularly so when translation takes place between languages in which the position of embedded clauses is different like English and Chinese (Fang and Wu 2009). This study sets out to explore how this challenging issue has been addressed in translated texts of different languages using the French novel Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry as the ST and its translations in English, Chinese and Korean drawing on Systemic Functional Linguistics as its theoretical framework.

About Mira Kim

Mira Kim is a researcher, educator and practitioner in the field of Translation and Interpreting (T&I). Upon completing an MA in Interpretation and Translation at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul in 1995, she started to work as an interpreter and translator mostly in business settings. Since she moved to Australia in 2000, she has been actively engaged in teaching and research in the T&I and other related fields. She has also undertaken major administrative positions: Program Coordinator from 2009 to 2011 and School Deputy Postgraduate Research Coordinator (2015 to present).

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