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How history can challenge the narrative of blame for homelessness Opinion - Posted on 19 July 2017

While homelessness is becoming more visible, it is not new in affluent societies like Australia, writes Anne O'Brien.

Australian politics explainer: how women gained the right to vote Opinion - Posted on 18 April 2017

The suffragists who gained women the right to vote offer a model of Australia’s role in the world that remains as important as ever, writes James Keating.

Engaging with the IMF on inequality Opinion - Posted on 14 March 2017

If the IMF is truly concerned with inequality, it needs to make specific changes that go beyond speeches, research papers and ‘pilot projects’, write Christopher Sheil and Frank Stilwell.

It's time for Australia to give protection to migrant children with disabilities Opinion - Posted on 7 March 2017

For decades, Australia has kept out migrant children with disabilities. Senior Lecturer in History, Ruth Balint says it’s time we gave them protection instead.

How South Australia can function reliably while moving to 100% renewable power Opinion - Posted on 28 February 2017

Associate Professor Mark Diesendorf talks about some short- and medium-term strategies for transitioning to renewable, reliable and affordable energy in South Australia.

The IMF is showing some hypocrisy on inequality Opinion - Posted on 15 February 2017

The IMF has been raising concern about inequality since 2010, but this has not translated into concrete action within the fund's own policies and programs, write Christopher Sheil and Frank Stilwell.

On the Rocks Opinion - Posted on 16 December 2016

The iconic Sirius apartment building in Sydney's The Rocks is the latest battleground in the fight over who lives in our cities, writes Grace Karskens.

Pavlov’s plants: new study shows plants can learn from experience Opinion - Posted on 8 December 2016

A new study appears to show plants can learn from experience, raising intriguing questions about the possibility of plant cognition, writes Prudence Gibson.

Land of the ‘fair go’ no more: wealth in Australia is becoming more unequal Opinion - Posted on 10 August 2016

Australia is not more equal than most other comparable rich countries, and its wealth inequality is growing, write Christopher Sheil and Frank Stilwell.

Afghans March Against Terrorism And For A Political System To Secure Their future Opinion - Posted on 12 November 2015

While the historic protest in Kabul was a demonstration of national solidarity against IS-inspired violence, it also reflected disappointment at the poor performance of the national unity government, writes Ali Reza Yunespour.