Essay Contest Winners from Japanese Studies

8 Sep 2017

Angelitta Winata and Yin Yin Wu of Japanese Studies took part in Japanese Essay Contest as a part of their project in ARTS3630 (Advanced Japanese A) this year. The contest was organised by International Exchange Institute in Tokyo. In total, 5,141 contestants from 54 countries participated in the contest. Angelitta received the 2nd prize (Prize 50,000 yen) and Yin Yin received Effort Award (Prize 10,000 yen). The two students were the only recipients from Australia. Their essays will be published in an essay collection journal “Saekai no Nihongo Sakubun Konkuuru: 101 Nin no Sakubun-Shuu (World Japanese Essay Contest Collection: 101 works)” (Nihon Kyohousha Press) this year.