New Books in Philosophy

1 Sep 2017
Stephen Hetherington-Knowledge and the Gettier Problem

Stephen Hetherington

Knowledge and the Gettier Problem

Cambridge University Press, 2016

Professor Stephen Hetherington’s fresh and original book outlines a new way of solving the Gettier problem, and an improved grasp of Gettier's challenge and its significance is the result.



Karyn Lai -An Introduction to Chinese Philosophy

Karyn Lai

An Introduction to Chinese Philosophy

Cambridge University Press, 2017

In the second edition of Introduction to Chinese Philosophy, A/Professor Karyn Lai explores philosophical traditions including Confucianism, Daoism, Mohism, Legalism and Chinese Buddhism, and how they have shaped Chinese thought. This second edition incorporates new ideas and approaches from some recently excavated texts that change the landscape of Chinese intellectual history.


Stephen Hetherington-What Makes a Philosopher Great?

Stephen Hetherington (ed.)

What Makes a Philosopher Great? Thirteen Arguments for Twelve Philosophers

Routledge, forthcoming 2018

This book is inspired by a single powerful question. What is it to be great as a philosopher? No single grand answer is presumed to be possible; instead, rewardingly close studies of philosophical greatness are developed.



Heikki Ikaheimo, Lepold K; Stahl T, (eds.)

The Ambivalence of Recognition

Columbia University Press, forthcoming 2017


Melissa Merritt

Kant on Reflection and Virtue

Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2018.