Sandra Hale and PhD Students present at the First International Conference on Legal and Medical Interpreting

10 Mar 2017

Professor Sandra Hale was an invited keynote speaker at the First International Conference on Legal and Medical Interpreting. Her keynote address was: “Can the mode of interpreting have an impact on the way the accused is assessed by jurors?”. The presentation presented the results of an ARC Linkage project, led by Prof. Sandra Hale, on which Associate Professor Ludmila Stern was also one of the Chief Investigators. Four interpreting PhD students from the School of Humanities and Languages, jointly supervised by Sandra and Ludmila, also presented at the same conference. They all presented on the preliminary results of their doctoral research. Xin Liu’s presentation was “How Does Specialised Legal Interpreter Training Affect Trainee Interpreters’ Accuracy? A Quasi-experimental Approach”; Han Xu’s presentation was: “Inter-professional Relations in Interpreted Lawyer-Client Interviews: Lawyers’ and Interpreters’ Strategies for Turns Management”; Vicky Wan Kei Wong’s presentation was: “Australian Court Interpreters’ Preparation Practices” and Sophia Ra’s presentation was: “Should Health Care Interpreters Provide Cultural Information?” All presentations were very well received. The five presentations from UNSW made our university stand out as a very productive university in legal and medical interpreting research.