Summer Session Philosophy Course Announced: ARTS2366 Logic and Reasoning

18 Aug 2010

For full details, please refer to the 2011 handbook when available.

ARTS2366 Logic and Reasoning
"Ways of Reasoning" (Summer Session U1A, 2011)
Dates: Between Tuesday 30 November 2010 and Friday 10 December 2010 (Refer to 2011 handbook when available for specific dates)

Examines what reasoning and argument really are and how best to engage in them. Material for this course is drawn from everyday sources, such as newspapers, books and advertisements, including television, as well as some of the brilliant pieces of reasoning in the philosophical tradition. From studying the structure of arguments, the purpose of reasoning, and a number of strong and weak argumentative moves, and from a guided re-evaluation of their own writing, students will be able to improve their critical skills and the presentation of their own arguments.