Trails: An undergraduate environmental humanities reading group at UNSW

15 Apr 2015

This reading group is open to all interested undergraduate and honours students, but is particularly aimed at those intending to complete a major or minor in Environmental Humanities.

The group will meet for one hour each month to discuss one set reading.

“Trails” will focus on foundational texts in the environmental humanities, primarily from the 1970s - 1990s. These are the texts that many of the contemporary theorists discussed in Environmental Humanities course are thinking about and responding to in their work. Familiarity with this larger context will provide an invaluable context and open the way to a deeper understanding of much of this material.

In addition, this reading group aims to provide its members with an opportunity to get to know other students and faculty in the EH program.

If you’re interested in attending or learning more please contact Thom van Dooren (

At our first gathering we will discuss the most convenient time for future meetings. If you aren’t able to make this meeting please get in touch before hand.

Meeting Schedule 2016

In Session 1, 2016 we will be meeting: 2-3pm every second Thursday: 24 March, 7 April, 21 April, 5 May, 19 May, 2 June in Morven Brown Room 209.

Image:“Single Track” by Dave King