Online application form for Prospective Students of German

Please Note: The language placement is only for students who are enrolling into languages at UNSW for the first time and have not completed the necessary prerequisite course(s).

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This option is available to students who commence their study at UNSW in Semester 1, 2018 ONLY
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  1. Students who wish to undertake language courses to fulfil elective or general education requirements should ensure that these courses count towards the requirements of their degree programs with the relevant Program Authority.
  2. Students who wish to commence a minor or major in German Studies should contact the German Studies convenor to discuss their progression. Please email Dr Robert Buch.
  3. The standard placement patterns for German language courses are as follows:
    • if you have no prior knowledge of German, you can enroll in ARTS1510 Introductory German A; you DO NOT need to complete this placement questionnaire;
    • if you have completed HSC German Continuers (or equivalent), you should nominate ARTS2510 Intermediate German A below;
    • if you have completed HSC German Extension (or equivalent), or achieved outstanding marks in German Continuers, or completed German Continuers and have lived in a German-speaking country for more than 3 months, or completed German courses equivalent to B1 in the Common European Framework, you should nominate ARTS3510 Advanced German A below
  4. If you are unsure of where you fit in relation to these placement patterns, you should email Dr Robert Buch.
  5. If you have grounds for diverging from the standard placement patterns, for example because several years have elapsed since you learnt German, please outline the reasons below.
  6. In some cases, mid-year enrolment, i.e. in ARTS1511 Introductory German B, ARTS2511 Intermediate German B, or ARTS3511 Advanced German B in Semester 2, may be the most appropriate option.
I would like to enrol in the following course in Semester 1, 2018:
Compulsory Additional Comment: I feel I meet the criteria for this course because (include details of previous studies, including when you undertook them and the marks attained, as well as details of family or other connections to the German language or time spent in German-speaking environments):

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