Online application form for Prospective Students of Spanish

Please Note: The language placement is only for students who are enrolling into languages at UNSW for the first time and have not completed the necessary prerequisite course(s).

No language placement questionnaire is required for enrolment in ARTS1570 if you have no knowledge of Spanish.

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Daytime Telephone Contact Number in Oct 2017 - Feb 2018:
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The format of the university email is z(your student ID)
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This option is available to students who commence their study at UNSW in Semester 1, 2018 ONLY
I am going to take Spanish course as:

Notes: Students who wish to undertake language courses to fulfil elective or general education requirements should ensure that these courses count towards the requirements of their degree programs with the relevant Program Authority.
I would like to enrol in the following course in Semester 1, 2018:
Compulsory Additional Comment: I feel I meet the criteria for this course because (include marks of previous studies):
  • For ARTS2570 Intermediate Spanish A Write no less than 150 words in about yourself, what you like to do or to eat and dislike. Also include where did you study Spanish and for how long.
  • For ARTS3570 Advanced Spanish A Write no less than 300 words about your previous knowledge of Spanish and why you want to enrol in this course.
Please write in Spanish. Texts not written in Spanish will not be accepted. Do not use a dictionary as this might affect your placement in the correct course.

For enquiries regarding this application form, please contact:

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