Our Research

The School of the Humanities and Languages is a leading School of humanities and languages committed to research excellence. Our academics are internationally recognised for their scholarly expertise.

Humanities and Languages is committed to research excellence, ranking as a national leader in a number of disciplines (Excellence in Research for Australia 2018-19):

  • Literary Studies 5;
  • Human Society 5;
  • Historical Studies 5; 
  • Philosophy 4; and
  • Language, Communication and Culture 4.

And in the top 100 internationally (QS World University Rankings 2018):

  • History (band 51-100);
  • Modern Languages (band 51-100);
  • Linguistics (band 51-100); and
  • Philosophy (band 51-100).

The School has an impressive cohort of Honours and Postgraduate Research students who add to the vibrant research culture.

The School is distinguished by its vast range of specialty courses and research opportunities in our key disciplines and across the interdisciplinary humanities areas. The School has a strong research impact, with continued success in securing research grants and funding. We have an established record of producing leading humanities texts and contributing to national and international publications including scholarly books, book chapters and research articles.

Our scholars present a wide range of contemporary and traditional thought and the breadth of our approach ensures that our programs challenge, engage and inform.

To find out more about our research areas visit our discipline research areas, they are listed to the side.