Higher Degree Research Students

Commencing 2016

Chinese Studies

Yiran Li (PhD Student) - Comparative analysis of the Chinese and Australian school funding models. Yong Zhong (supervisor) Xiaoyuan Shang (co-supervisor)

Environmental Humanities

Charishma Ratnam (PhD Student) - Human geography, refugee studies. Danielle Drozdzewski (supervisor) Daniel Robinson (co-supervisor)

Ying (Jamie) Wang (PhD Student) - Environmental Humanities, Sustainability, Eco-criticism. Stephen Muecke (supervisor) Thom van Dooren (co-supervisor)

Global Cultural, Literary, and Film Studies

Shiyue Rebecca Zhou (PhD Student) - Anglo-American and Comparative Poetry and Poetic Theory. Yi Zheng (supervisor) Sean Pryor (co-supervisor)


Justin Cahill (PhD Student) – Australian History . Lisa Ford (supervisor) Grace Karskens (co-supervisor)


Michael Mosely (PhD Student)  - tbc. James Phillips (supervisor) Karyn Lai (co-supervisor)

Commencing 2015

Asian Studies

Mathew Phillips (MA Student) - Modern Chinese literature. Jon Von Kowallis (joint supervisor) and Ping Wang (joint supervisor)

Chinese Studies

Mian Nan (PhD Student) – Popular culture in China, Japan and Asia: Chinese media and digital communication. Haiqing Yu (supervisor) Sumiko Iida (co-supervisor)

Cultural Studies

Alyssa Critchley (PhD Student) – TBA. Stephen Muecke (supervisor) Ed Scheer (co-supervisor)


Robert Fuller (PhD Student) – TBA. Stephen Muecke (joint supervisor) Duane Hamacher (joint supervisor) Reuben Bolt (co-supervisor)

Environmental Humanities

Caitlin Buckle (PhD Student) – Human Geography. Danielle Drozdzewski (supervisor) Daniel Robinson (co-supervisor) Dr Chris Brennan-Horley, UOW (co-supervisor)


Anthea Compton (PhD Student) - Paddy Cahill and the narratives surrounding pioneers on the Northern Territory Frontier. Anne O’Brien (supervisor) Benjamin Silverstein (co-supervisor)

Genevieve Dashwood (PhD Student) - Australian history - representations of Asian students in post - war Australia. Ruth Balint (supervisor) Zora Simic (co-supervisor)

Bendeguz Devenyi-Botos – (PhD Student) Modern history, European history, Holocaust studies, memory studies. Jan Lanicek (joint supervisor) Ruth Balint (joint supervisor)

Chelsea Flinn (MA Student) - Irish literacy history. Ronan McDonald (supervisor) Lisa Ford (co-supervisor)

Meg Foster (PhD Student) – Australian colonial history, bushrangers, Australian rural history & environmental history, legal history & sovereignty, convict history, history of crime & criminal justice. Grace Karskens (supervisor) Lisa Ford (co-supervisor)

Liam Kane (PhD Student) - World War II. Peter Schrijvers (supervisor) Zora Simic (co-supervisor)

John Zubrzycki – (PhD Student) - Empires of enchantment: Transnational exchanges in magical knowledge and methodologies between India and the West, 1810-1947. Kama Maclean (supervisor) Stephen Muecke (co-supervisor)

Interpreting and Translation

Wan Kei Wong (PhD Student) – Court Interpreting. Ludmila Stern (joint supervisor) Sandra Hale (joint supervisor)

Japanese Studies

Takuya Kojima (PhD Student) - TBA. Chihiro Thomson (supervisor) Nagisa Fukui (co-supervisor)

Korean Studies

Sin Ji Jung (MA Student) – Korean language, textbook analysis, learning difficulty, error analysis, grammar errors, textbook development, grammar instruction. Seong-Chul Shin (supervisor) Gi-Hyun Shin (co-supervisor)

Korean and Chinese Studies

Wonjung Choi (PhD Student) – Korean Studies and Chinese Studies. Greg Evon (joint supervisor) Louise Edwards (joint supervisor)


Soyoung Jeon (MA Student) – Translation studies, language typology . Mira Kim (supervisor) Stephen Doherty (co-supervisor)

Hye Sun Kim (MA Student) - Korean linguistics, applied and educational linguistics, L2 Korean language education, error analysis, socio-linguistic issues in L2 Korean contexts. Seong-Chul Shin (Supervisor) Gi Hyun Shin (Co-supervisor)

Ke Hyang Lee (MA Student) – Korean linguistics, L2 Korean language education, applied and educational linguistics, language learning and motivation, sociolinguistic issues in L2 contexts. Seong-Chul Shin (Supervisor) Chihiro Thomson (Co-supervisor)

Joo Yun Yang (MA Student) - A study on translation shifts of interpersonal meaning from Korean into English. Mira Kim (Supervisor) Gi-Hyun Shin (Co-supervisor)


Rachel Molloy (PhD Student) - Political philosophy - Trust, Information and Citizenship. Paul Patton (supervisor) Carolien van Ham (co-supervisor)

Charintorn Nongbua (PhD Student) – Chinese Philosophy. Karyn Lai (supervisor) Michaelis Michael (co-supervisor)

Jose Pineda Philosophy (PhD Student) – Epistemology. Stephen Hetherington (joint supervisor) Markos Valaris (joint supervisor)

Alessio Tacca (PhD Student) TBA. Michaelis Michael (supervisor) Markos Valaris (co-supervisor)

Commencing 2014


Anna Douglass (MA Student) - Trauma theory and depiction of trauma in Samuel Becket. Ronan McDonald (superviosr) Stephen Muecke (co-supervisor)

Environmental Humanities

Gregory Ashton (PhD Student) - Environmental Humanities. Matthew Kearnes (supervisor) Thom van Dooren (co-supervisor)

Karin Bolender (PhD Student) - Creative/critical practice & posthumanist animal studies. Eben Kirksey (joint supervisor) Stephen Muecke (joint supervisor)

Nerida Godfrey (PhD Student) - Cultural geography; migration and mobility of contemporary dancers over the life-course. Danielle Drozdzewski (supervisor) Daniel Robinson (co-supervisor)

Sandra Laight (PhD Student) - Interspecies Ethnography and the Living and Dead Shared Space of Humans and Sharks. Thom van Dooren (supervior) Stephen Muecke (co-supervisor)

Laura McLauchlan (PhD Student) - Hedgehog Street: Backyard animal stewardship in urban Britain. Eben Kirksey (supervisor) Stephen Muecke (co-supervisor)


Trevor Leaman (PhD Student) - Ethnography. Duane Hamacher (supervisor) Stephen Muecke (co-supervisor)


Richard Egan (PhD Student) - The New South Wales Board for the Protection of the Aborigines (1883-1940). Lisa Ford (supervisor) Grace Karskens (co-supervisor)

Patricia Kennedy (MA Student) - Octavia Hamilton and family: English migrants rescripting identity. Zora Simic (supervisor) Anne O'Brien (co-supervisor)

Dominic Sciberras (MA Student) - Imperial and colonial history; North-American history (including US history); history of ideas. Saliha Belmessous (supervisor) Lisa Ford (co-supervisor)

Luke Vitale (PhD Student) - Locating Italians in the Australian Field of whiteness. Zora Simic (supervisor) Ruth Balint (co-supervisor)

Interpreting & Translation

Han Xu (PhD Student) - Court Interpreting. Sandra Hale  (joint supervisor) Ludmila Stern (joint supervisor)


Alhazmi Albtool (PhD Student) - The sociolinguistic aspects of Arabic-English code switching in an Arabic school in Australia. Aniko Hatoss (supervisor) Mira Kim (co-supervisor)

Justin Colley (MA Student) - Syntax. Debra Aarons (joint supervisor) Mengistu Amberber (joint supervisor)

Andre Eliatamby (MA Student) - Syntax. Debra Aarons (joint supervisor) Mengistu Amberber (joint supervisor)

Alice Joo (PhD Student) - Error analysis, Korean linguistics, Teaching and learning Korean language, Issues in community languages, Heritage language learner issues. Seong-Chul Shin (supervisor) Aniko Hatoss (co-supervisor)

Donald Nababan (PhD Student) - Translator education, translation quality assessment, text analysis for translation, translation studies, Indonesian language. Mira Kim (supervisor) Stephen Doherty (co-supervisor)

Bradley Wilke (MA Student) - Translator education, translation quality assessment, text analysis for translation, T + I curriculum development, grammar and discourse in translation studies, systemic functional linguistics. Mira Kim (supervisor) Stephen Doherty (co-supervisor)


James Banwell (PhD student) - Self World and skepticism in Hegel and Heidegger. Simon Lumsden (supervisor) Paul Patton (co-supervisor) 

Loughlin Gleeson (PhD Student) - Hegel's Concept of Freedom. Heikki Ikaheimo (supervisor) Paul Patton (co-supervisor)

Andrew Koh (PhD Student) - Traditional Chinese Medicine. Karyn Lai (supervisor) Suzanne Cochrane (UWS) (co-supervisor)

Harriet Levenston (PhD Student) - Philosophy. Markos Valaris (supervisor) Michaelis Michael (co-supervisor)

Joshua O'Rourke (PhD Student) - Hegel and the reactivation of German Idealism. Simon Lumsden (supervisor) Paul Patton (co-supervisor)

Christopher Rowe-Spencer (MA Student) - Ethics, practical reason, rationality, history of philosophy. Melissa Merritt (supervisor) Markos Valaris (co-supervisor)

Yu-Yi Lai (PhD Student) - Chinese Intellectual History. Karyn Lai (supervisor) Ping Wang (co-supervisor)

Commencing 2013

Asian Studies

Lina Tao (MA student) - Media representation of internal migrant children in China between 1990 and 2012. Stephanie Donald (supervisor) Haiqing Yu (co-supervisor)

Zhenhui Yan (PhD student) – Cinematic landscapes and ethnic minority children in Chinese cinema. Stephanie Donald (supervisor) Yi Zheng (joint supervisor) Ayxem Eli (co-supervisor)

Chinese Studies

Yiran Li (MA student) -  Chinese studies (focusing on education, Chinese education economics). Yong Zhong and Ayxem Eli (joint supervisors)  


Matt Haultain-Gall (PhD student) - Australian collective memory of involvement in Belgium during the First World War. Peter Schrijvers and Ruth Balint (joint supervisors) 

Paul Irish (PhD student) - Aboriginal people and settlements in 19th century Sydney. Grace Karskens (supervisor) Lisa Ford (co-supervisor)  

Miriam Jassy (PhD student) - Place and the Antipodes in James Joyce's Finnegans Wake. Ronan McDonald (supervisor) Sean Pryor (co-supervisor)  

James Keating (PhD student) - Australasian Women's Suffrage: Transnational Contexts, 1855-c.1910. Lisa Ford (supervisor) Ian Tyrrell (co-supervisor)  

David Povey (MA student) - The voyage and cargo of the Sydney Cove, 1798. Grace Karskens (supervisor) Lisa Ford (co-supervisor) 

History and Philosophy of Science

Marcin Jaskulski (MA student) - TBA.  Jan Lanicek (supervisor) Nicholas Doumanis and Stefania Bernini (joint co-supervisors) 

Georgia Miller (PhD student) - Science, values, policy and politics: How have boundaries been constructed and contested in Australian nanotechnology governance debates. Nicolas Rasmussen and Matthew Kearnes (Joint supervisors) 

Japanese Studies

Sally Chan (PhD student) - TBA. Chihiro Thomson (supervisor) 


Nisreen Alsahafi (PhD student) - Patterns of Saudi EFL Students’ Composition Errors and Pedagogical Implications. Seong-Chul Shin and Debra Aaron (joint supervisors)  

Michael Levot (MA student) - Sign language linguistics, linguistics of humour, syntax, pragmatics, cross-cultural pragmatics, philosophy of language. Michaelis Michael (supervisor) Debra Aarons (co-supervisor) 

Xin Liu (PhD student) -  Legal interpreting, forensic linguistics, community interpreting, discourse analysis/pragmatics. Sandra Hale and Ludmila Stern (joint supervisors) 

Sophia Ra (PhD student) - Legal interpreting, forensic linguistics. Community interpreting discourse analysis/pragmatics. Various interpreting practices in the complex settings of national and international courts. Sandra Hale (supervisor) Ludmila Stern(co-supervisor) 


Emily Hughes (PhD student) - The Ontological Structure of Despair. Joanne Faulkner (supervisor) Simon Lumsden (co-supervisor) 

Wendyl Luna (PhD student) - Foucault's reconceptualisation of Kantian critique. Paul Patton (supervisor)  

Thomas McConochie (PhD student) - TBA. Karyn Lai (supervisor) Simon Lumsden (co-supervisor) 

Sophie Vivian (PhD student) - TBA. Michaelis Michael (supervisor) Melissa Merritt (co-supervisor)  

Hispanic Studies

Maia Gunn Watkinson (PhD student) - Contemporary Mayan poetry from the Yucatán Peninsula. Diana Palaversich (supervisor) David Cahill(co-supervisor)  

Women's & Gender Studies

Josina Octavina (PhD student) - Change in gender roles and its impact on women's status and roles within the family in Amungme Tribe, Timika regency, West Papua. Helene Bowen Raddeker (supervisor) Amanda Kearney (co-supervisor) 

Sophie Robinson (PhD student) - The Lesbian presence in women's liberation, gay liberation and queer politics and activism in Australia, 1969-2000.  Zora Simic (supervisor) Helene Bowen Raddeker (co-supervisor)

Commencing 2012

Chinese Studies

Jian Gong (PhD student) - Modern Transformation of Visuality in Late Qing China: Gong Zizhen, Ren Bonian, and Kang Youwei.  Yi Zheng (supervisor) Ping Wang (co-supervisor) 

Haizhi Luo (MA student) - Early Australian Chinese Language Fiction at the Turn of 19th and 20th Centuries. Yi Zheng (supervisor) Jon von Kowallis (co-supervisor) 

Environmental Humanities

Peta Wolifson (PhD Student) - The night-time economy of the City of Sydney. Danielle Drozdzewski (supervisor) Dr Chris Gibson, UOW (co-supervisor)

History & Philosophy of Science

Stephen Hubicki (PhD student) - Therapeutic Jurisprudence: The Pharmaceutical Industry and the British Patent System, 1914-1949. Nicolas Rasmussen (supervisor) Gary Edmond (co-supervisor) 


Richard Travers (MA student) - Empire in Conflict: The Australian Campaigns in Libya and Greece. Sean Brawley (supervisor) Ruth Balint (co-supervisor) 

Irish Studies

Lachlan Montomery (PhD student) - Modernism, Irish literature, Beckett. Ronan McDonald (supervisor) John Attridge (co-supervisor)  


Gabina Funegra (PhD student) - Rehabilitation of indigenous quechua language. Stephen Muecke (supervisor) Gabrielle Finnane (co-supervisor) 


Rebeca Paredes (PhD student) - Nieto Legal interpreting, forensic linguistics, community interpreting, discourse analysis/pragmatics. Sandra Hale and Debra Aarons (joint supervisors) 


Carlos Lopez (PhD student) - The concept of contradiction as an ontological argument: consideration of Kant and Hegel's philosophy in relation to the concept of contradiction. Heikki Ikaheimo (supervisor) Simon Lumsden(co-supervisor)

Mindy Xu (PhD student) - Phenomenology and the ethics of euthanasia. Rosalyn Diprose (supervisor) Karyn Lai (co-supervisor) 

Yuzhou Yang (PhD student) - The Yijing s practical contextualism in Confucian, Daoist and Buddhist traditions. Karyn Lai (supervisor) Simon Lumsden (co-supervisor) 

Commencing 2011


Emilie Auton (PhD student) - Gendered bodies in medical contexts. Zora Simic and Katherine Albury (joint supervisors) Helene Bowen-Raddeker (co-supervisor) 

Isobelle Barrett Meyering (PhD student) - Australian feminism and children in the 1970s. Zora Simic (supervisor) 

Richard Hurley (MA student) - TBA. Geoffrey Nathan (supervisor) Shawn Ross (co-supervisor) 

History & Philosophy of Science

Ian Kern (PhD student) - History of Paediatric Surgery. Susan Hardy (supervisor) Anthony Corones (co-supervisor) 

Jessica Parr (PhD student) - Obesity and Mutual Aid. Nicolas Rasmussen (supervisor) Zora Simic (co-supervisor) 

Japanese Studies

Yuji Okawa (MA student) - Teaching and learning of Japanese as FL. Japanese language education, learner autonomy in language learning, Japanese language interactions. Chihiro Thomson (supervisor) 

Kaori Shimasaki (PhD student) - Japanese language education and discourse analysis. Chihiro Thomson (supervisor) Sumiko Iida (co-supervisor) 


David Lah (PhD student) - An Hegelian Account of the Person. Simon Lumsden (supervisor) Melissa Merritt (co-supervisor)  

Lenka Ucnik (PhD student) - Politics of the self - Arendt and Foucault. Simon Lumsden (supervisor) Rosalyn Diprose (co-supervisor) 

Commencing 2010


Janette Bailey (PhD student) - Artefacts, Community and Heritage: Towards environmental sustainability. Ian Tyrrell (supervisor) 

Eve Carroll-Dwyer (PhD student) - Gender and Christian Endeavour in the US and Abroad: National Distinctions and Transnational Trends 1880-1920. Ian Tyrrell (supervisor) Lisa Ford (co-supervisor)

Kate Colgan (MA student) - Urban history, 19th century Australian history. Grace Karskens (supervisor) Ruth Balint (co-supervisor) 

Tracey-Lee Downey (PhD student) - Registered Clubs Post WWII in NSW. Grace Karskens (supervisor) Zora Simic (co-supervisor) 

Mark Dunn (PhD student) - Struggles over land and resources in Hunter Valley 1820 – 1850. Grace Karskens (supervisor) Ruth Balint (co-supervisor)  

David Furse-Roberts (PhD student) - Lord Shaftesbury and philanthropic enterprise in Victorian England, 1840 - 1885. John Gascoigne (supervisor) Susan Hardy (co-supervisor) 

Katherine Jacka (PhD student) - The Nuzhah as a Source for Sicilian History. Nicholas Doumanis (supervisor) Geoffrey Nathan (co-supervisor)  

Robert Jones (PhD student) - Celtic Socialism in thought and Theory, 1893-1923. Gunter Minnerup (supervisor) Andrew Beattie (co-supervisor) 

Uraiwan Keodara (PhD student) - The question of the scientific intellectual elite. Helene Bowen-Raddeker (supervisor) John Gascoigne (co-supervisor) 

John Solomon (PhD student) - Identity evolution in a diaspora community: the gradual disappearance of untouchability in Singapore. Kama Maclean (supervisor) Ursula Rao (co-supervisor) 

Samantha Watson (PhD student) - British Plantations in Ireland c. 1541-1625. John Gascoigne (supervisor) Hamish Graham (co-supervisor) 

Japanese Studies

Tetsushi Ohara (PhD student) - Japanese applied linguistics. Chihiro Thomson (supervisor) Sumiko Iida (co-supervisor) 


Abdullah Alghamdi (PhD student) - The structure of Arabic language. Mengistu Amberber and Hugues Peters (joint supervisor)  

Xinyue Yao (PhD student) - The present perfect in English: a corpus-based study. Hugues Peters (supervisor) Debra Aarons (co-supervisor) 


James Bucknell (PhD student) - Dispositions and Australian realism. Michaelis Michael (supervisor) Markos Valaris (co-supervisor) 

Scott McBride (PhD student) - German idealism and post structuralism. Simon Lumsden (supervisor) Paul Patton (co-supervisor) 

Francesco Paradiso (PhD student) - Aesthetics and deconstruction: space and time. Paul Patton (supervisor) Rosalyn Diprose (co-supervisor) 

Rhonda Siu (PhD student) - Music and Existence. Rosalyn Diprose (supervisor) Simon Lumsden (co-supervisor) 

Women's & Gender Studies

Anisha Gautam (PhD student) - Feminist history and theory. Helen Bowen-Raddeker (supervisor) Joanne Faulkner (co-supervisor)  

2013 Completions


Anna Maree Doukakis (PhD) - Now we want Malays to awake": Malay women teachers in colonial Johor and their legacy. Jean Taylor (Supervisor) Mina Roces (Co-supervisor)

Ari Jonathan Lander (PhD) - From Zionism to Diaspora-Zionism: the history of the Zionist youth movements in Australia. Martyn Lyons (Supervisor) Julie Kalman (Co-supervisor)

John McIntosh (PhD) - History of Protestantism/Evangelicalism. John Gascoigne (Supervisor) Geoffrey Treloar (Co-supervisor)

Charmaine Robson (PhD) - Care and Control: The Catholic Religious and Australia's Twentieth-century "Indigenous' Leprosaria 1937-1986. Anne O'Brien (Supervisor) (Co-supervisor)

Ronald Coleman Solomon (PhD) - Barron Field and the Court of Civil Judicature/Supreme Court NSW. Lisa Ford (Supervisor) Anne O'Brien (Co-supervisor)

Matthew Sean Stephens (PhD) - The Australian Museum Library: its formation, function and scientific contribution, 1836-1917. Martyn Lyons (Supervisor) Peter Orlovich (Co-supervisor)

History and Philosophy of Science

Lindsay Bertram Yeates (PhD) - James Braid: surgeon, gentleman scientist, and hypnotist. Anthony Corones (Supervisor) Philip Cam (Co-supervisor)

Institute of Environmental Studies

Peter Ampt (PhD) - Integrating conservation and production in natural resource management. John Merson (Supervisor) Michael Archer (Co-supervisor)

Alex Gold (PhD) -The environmental science/decision-making interface; evaluating the nature of environmental science research and evidence-based decision-making. John Merson (Supervisor) Rosalie Chapple (Co-supervisor)

Sanjay Kalpage (PhD) - Landscape-based conservation approaches in the developing world: insights from Sri Lanka. John Merson and Daniel Robinson (Joint Supervisors)

Johannes Luetz (PhD) - Climate Change Migration; Resettling Island Communities. John Merson (Supervisor) Eileen Pittaway (Co-supervisor)

Simon Robertson (PhD) - Planes, Trains and Carbon Emissions; A longitudinal quantitative/qualitative systems approach to the study of high-speed transportation transition towards sustainability. Stephen Healy and John Black (Joint Supervisors) Anthony Corones (Co-supervisor)

Japanese Studies

Barbara Maree Northwood (PhD) -  Japanese applied linguistics. Chihiro Thomson (Supervisor) Sumiko Iida (Co-supervisor)


Gyung Hee Choi (PhD) - Korean linguistics and translation. Mira Kim and Gi-Hyun Shin (Joint Supervisors)

Kathleen Anne Macdonald (Masters by Research) - A comparative investigation into language choices made by native and non-native English speakers translating from English into Korean. Mira Kim (Supervisor) Seong-Chul Shin (Co-supervisor)


Kathryn Elizabeth Elbourne (Masters by Research) - The self as survival machinery. Philip Cam (Supervisor) Peter Slezak (Co-supervisor)

Nir Fresco (PhD) - Concrete digital computation: competing accounts and its role in cognitive science. Phillip Staines (Supervisor) Philip Cam (Co-supervisor)

Kudzai Matereke (PhD) - Citizenship and cultural globalization. Paul Patton (Supervisor) Geoff Levey (Co-supervisor)

Patricia Fay Morgan (PhD) - Contemplative Education. Paul Brown and Anthony Corones (Joint Supervisors)

2014 Completions


Janette Susan Bailey (PhD) - A transnational environmental idea: reception, interpretation and employment of US dust bowl imagery in World War Two and post-war Australia. Grace Karskens (Supervisor) Ian Tyrrell (Co-supervisor)

Fernando Antonio Lopez (PhD) - The feathers of Condor: transnational state terrorism, exiles and civilian anticommunism in South America. Gunter Minnerup (Supervisor) Peter Ross (Supervisor)

Johanna Perheentupa (PhD) - To be part of an Aboriginal dream of self-determination": Aboriginal activism in Redfern in the 1970s. Anne O'Brien (Supervisor) Grace Karskens (Co-supervisor)

John Solomon (PhD) - Identity evolution in a diaspora community: the gradual disappearance of untouchability in Singapore: 1825 to 1965.  Kama Maclean (Supervisor) Ursula Rao (Co-supervisor)

Japanese Studie

Motoko Iseki Christensen (PhD) - An investigation of Japanese foreign language learners' out-of-classroom online learning processes. Chihiro Thomson (Supervisor) Sumiko Iida (Supervisor)

Kaori Shimasaki (PhD) - Japanese language community of practice: the learning process and personal development of a Japanese language learner. Chihiro Thomson (supervisor) Sumiko Iida (co-supervisor)


Enrique Paulo Arruda (PhD) - A self-adaptive model of TESOL teacher education in a non-anglophone context. Debra Aarons (Supervisor)

Muhammad Yahy Gamal (PhD) - Towards a model for film literacy in audiovisual translation: a case study of the subtitling of a classic Egyptian film into English. James Lee (Supervisor) Peter Collins (co-supervisor)

Xinyue (Melody) Yao (PhD) - The present perfect in English: meaning, interpretation and use. Hugues Peters (Supervisor) Debra Aarons (Co-supervisor)


Tim Dean (PhD) - Evolutiion and Moral Ecology. Stephen Cohen  (Supervisor) David McKnight (Co-Supervisor) Robert Brooks (Co-Supervisor)

Francesco Paradiso (PhD) - Creative implications of deconstruction: the case of jazz music, photography, and architecture. Paul Patton (Joint supervisor) Rosalyn Diprose (Joint supervisor)

Rhonda Claire Siu (PhD) - Music and human existence. Rosalyn Diprose (Joint supervisor) Simon Lumsden (Joint supervisor) 

Denise Penelope Thwaites (PhD) - In between art and politics: frame, fold, judgement. Paul Patton (Supervisor) Rosalyn Diprose (Co-supervisor)

2015 Completions

Asian Studies 

Lina Tao (Masters by Research) Media representation of internal migrant children in China between 1990 and 2012.  (Joint Supervisor) Haiqing Yu (Joint Supervisor) Stephanie Donald (Joint Supervisor)

Chinese Studies

Yiran Li (Masters by Research) - Chinese studies (focusing on education, Chinese education economics). Yong Zhong and Ayxem Eli (joint supervisors)


Eve Carroll-Dwyer (PhD) - Forging Cooperative Gender Relations Among Youths in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era: The Case of the Christian Endeavour Movement . Ian Tyrrel (Supervisor) Lisa Ford (Co-supervisor)

Kate Colgan (Masters by Research) - Nordiska Grannar - Nordic neighbours: An examination of the lives of Nordic immigrants in the Rocks and Millers Point between 1870 and 1910. Grace Karskens (supervisor) Ruth Balint (co-supervisor)

Mark Dunn (PhD) - A Valley in a Valley: Colonial Struggles over Land and Resources in the Hunter Valley, NSW 1820-1850. Grace Karskens (supervisor) Ruth Balint (co-supervisor)

Paul Irish (PhD) - Hidden in plain view: nineteenth-century Aboriginal people and places in coastal Sydney. Grace Karskens (Supervisor) Lisa Ford (Co-supervisor)

David Furse-Roberts (PhD student) - The Making of an Evangelical Tory: the Seventh Earl of Shaftesbury (1801-1885) and the Evolving Character of Victorian Evangelicalism. John Gascoigne (supervisor) Susan Hardy (co-supervisor) Geoff Treloar (co-supervisor)

Miriam Jassy (PhD) -‘Austrasia or Anywhere’: Place, Space and the Antipodes in James Joyce’s Finnegans WakeRonan McDonald (supervisor) Sean Pryor (co-supervisor)

Richard Travers (Masters by Research) - What kind of men were the diggers? The example of the 2/1st Battalion. Shawn Ross (Supervisor) Ruth Balint (Co-supervisor)

Samantha Watson (PhD) - British Plantations in Ireland c. 1541-1625. John Gascoigne (Supervisor) Hamish Graham (Co-supervisor)

History and Philosophy of Science

Peter O’Connor (Masters by Research) The anatomical Turing machine. Peter Slezak (Supervisor) Phillip Staines (Co-supervisor)


Abdullah Alghamdi (PhD) - From root to nunation: the morphology of Arabic nouns. Mengistu Amberber (Joint Supervisor) Hugues Peters (Joint Supervisor)

Justin Colley (Masters by Research) - Case in Nominalisations. Debra Aarons (joint supervisor) Mengistu Amberber (joint supervisor)


James Bucknell (PhD) – Dispositions. Michaelis Michael (Supervisor) Markos Valaris (Co-supervisor)

William Cunningham (Masters by Research) - Moral Theories, Moral Principle.  Melissa Merritt (Supervisor)with Karyn Lai (Co-supervisor)

Gordon Kennedy (PhD) - The structure, function and deliberative processes of Australasian clinical ethics committees. Stephen Cohen (Supervisor)  Karyn Lai (Co-supervisor)

Wendyl Luna (Master by Research) - Foucault's reconceptualisation of Kantian critique. Paul Patton (Supervisor)

Max Rabie (PhD) - The pragmatics, semantics and syntax of natural language descriptions. Michaelis Michael (Supervisor) Phillip Staines (Co-supervisor)

Philosophy of Science

Peter Thompson (PhD) - An interdisciplinary approach to belief formation and resistance to change. Peter Slezak (Supervisor) Anthony Corones (Co-Supervisor)

2016 Completions

Chinese Studies

Jian Gong (PhD) - Modern Transformations of Visuality in Late Qing China: Gong Zizhen, Ren Bonian, and Kang Youwei. Yi Zheng (supervisor) Ping Wang (co-supervisor)

Environmental Humanities

Susanne Pratt (PhD) - Careful Prospects: Intersections of Art, Technoscience, and Environmental Health. Judy Motion (supervisor) Jane Mills (co-supervisor.)


Elisabeth De Cambiaire - (PhD) Enlightened Alliance: Nature, Botany and France’s Expansion to the East Indies: The Colonisation of the Mascarenes (1665-1775). Nicolas Rasmussen (supervisor) John Gascoigne (co-supervisor.)

Indonesian Studies

Dimas Nugroho (PhD) - The Indigenisation of a Transnational Islamic Movement in Contemporary Indonesia: a study of Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia. James Lee (supervisor) Rochaya Machali (supervisor)  Jean Gelman Taylor (supervisor)


Michael Levot (Masters by Research) - Language Design and Evolutionary Explanation. Michaelis Michael (supervisor) Debra Aarons (supervisor)