2018 Course Outlines

Summer 2017/2018

Semester 1 2018

ARTS1210 - Concepts of Asia (PDF)

ARTS1240 - Environment and Society

ARTS1270 - Global History: Exploring the First Globalisation, 15th - 19th Century (PDF)

ARTS1360 - Introducing Moral, Social and Political Philosophy (PDF)

ARTS1450 - Introductory Chinese for Non-Background Speakers A (PDF)

ARTS1452 - Introductory Chinese for Background Speakers A (PDF)

ARTS1480 - Introductory French A (PDF)

ARTS1510 - Introductory German A (PDF)

ARTS1540 - Introductory Greek A (PDF)

ARTS1570 - Introductory Spanish A (PDF)

ARTS1620 - Introductory Italian A (PDF)

ARTS1630 - Introductory Japanese A (PDF)

ARTS1660 - Introductory Korean (PDF)

ARTS1690 - The Structure of Language (PDF)

ARTS1780 - Concepts of Europe (PDF)

ARTS2210 - Modern India: Violence and Nonviolence in Colonial South Asia, 1750-1947

ARTS2211 - East Asia (PDF)

ARTS2212 - Southeast Asia (PDF)

ARTS2240 - Environment, Sustainability and Development (PDF)

ARTS2243 - Waste and Society (PDF)

ARTS2270 - Australia 1788-1900: Invasion to White Australia (PDF)

ARTS2272 - The European World, 1500-1800 (PDF)

ARTS2282 - Rome (PDF)

ARTS2367 - Philosophy of Art (PDF)

ARTS2375 - Philosophical Logic (PDF)

ARTS2382 - Philosophy of Religion: Defenders and Critics (PDF)

ARTS2384 - Political Philosophy (PDF)

ARTS2450 - Intermediate Chinese for Non-Background Speakers A (PDF)

ARTS2452 - Chinese English Translation (PDF)

ARTS2453 - Chinese Cinema (PDF)

ARTS2461 - Intermediate Chinese for Background Speakers A (PDF)

ARTS2464 - Chinese Ideas of Beauty and Erotica: Ancient to Modern (PDF)

ARTS2480 - Intermediate French A (PDF)

ARTS2482 - French Cinema and Society (PDF)

ARTS2510 - Intermediate German A (PDF)

ARTS2570 - Intermediate Spanish A (PDF)

ARTS2630 - Intermediate Japanese A (PDF)

ARTS2660 - Intermediate Korean A (PDF)

ARTS2690 - Semantics and Pragmatics (PDF)

ARTS2692 - Syntax (PDF)

ARTS2698 - Intercultural Interaction (PDF)

ARTS2785 - Europe's Age of Catastrophe, 1914-1945 (PDF)

ARTS2906 - History of Sexuality (PDF)

ARTS2908 - Premodern Japan: Status, Sex and Power (PDF)

ARTS3217 - History of Modern China: Contested Visions (PDF)

ARTS3220 - Asian Cities: Studies in History, Culture and Trade (PDF)

ARTS3242 - Environmental History (PDF)

ARTS3270 - Reflecting on Histories and Historians: Capstone (PDF)

ARTS3330 - Languages Capstone: Translation and Interpreting (PDF)

ARTS3368 - Identity, Recognition and Power (PDF)

ARTS3370 - Tipics in the Philosophy of Mind and Psychology (PDF)

ARTS3450 - Advanced Chinese A (PDF)

ARTS3452 - Professional Chinese A (PDF)

ARTS3455 - Contemporary Chinese Literature (PDF)

ARTS3480 - Advanced French A (PDF)

ARTS3482 - Professional French A (PDF)

ARTS3488 -  French Discourse Studies (PDF)

ARTS3510 - Advanced German A (PDF)

ARTS3570 - Advanced Spanish A (PDF)

ARTS3575 - Spanish Popular Culture (PDF)

ARTS3630 - Advanced Japanese A (PDF)

ARTS3632 - Professional Japanese A (PDF)

ARTS3640 - Japan and Korea: Cultures in Conflict (PDF)

ARTS3641 - Commercial Japanese (PDF)

ARTS3660 - Advanced Korean A (PDF)

ARTS3664 - Korean Translation (PDF)

ARTS3695 - Multilingualism and Language Planning (PDF)

ARTS3780 - Contemporary Germany: History, Politics, Society (PDF)

ARTS3991 - Arts and Social Sciences Capstone (PDF)

ARTS4247 - Research Skills in the Humanities (PDF)

ARTS4248 - The Humanities, Then and Now (PDF)

ARTS5505 - Personalised English Language Enhancement (PDF)

HUMS1005 - Personalised English Language Enhancement (PDF)

IEST5001 - Frameworks for Environmental Management (PDF)

IEST5002 - Tools for Environmental Management (PDF)

IEST5007 - Environment and Development (PDF)

INST1005 - Key Debates in International Studies (PDF)

INST2003 - Research Methods in International Studies (PDF)

LING5001 - Second Language Acquisition (PDF)

LING5006 - Current Issues in Bilingualism (PDF)

LING5022 - Cross-Cultural Pragmatics (PDF)

LING5024 - Linguistics of Spoken English (PDF)

LING5026 - The Structure of Language (PDF)

LING5035 - Semantics and Pragmatics (PDF)

MODL5100 - Research and Theories of Translation and Interpreting (PDF)

MODL5101 - Interpreting in Legal Settings (PDF)

MODL5103 - Multimedia Translation (PDF)

MODL5107 - Translation Technology (PDF)

MODL5108 - Preparation for Accreditation in Translation (PDF)

MODL5111 - Translation and Interpreting Practicum A (PDF)

MODL5113 - Interpreting Accreditation Preparation (PDF)

MODL5116 - Advanced Conference Interpreting (PDF)

Semester 2 2018