2018 Course Outlines

Summer 2017/2018

Semester 1 2018

ARTS1210 - Concepts of Asia (PDF)

ARTS1240 - Environment and Society

ARTS1270 - Global History: Exploring the First Globalisation, 15th - 19th Century (PDF)

ARTS1360 - Introducing Moral, Social and Political Philosophy (PDF)

ARTS1450 - Introductory Chinese for Non-Background Speakers A (PDF)

ARTS1452 - Introductory Chinese for Background Speakers A (PDF)

ARTS1480 - Introductory French A (PDF)

ARTS1510 - Introductory German A (PDF)

ARTS1540 - Introductory Greek A (PDF)

ARTS1570 - Introductory Spanish A (PDF)

ARTS1620 - Introductory Italian A (PDF)

ARTS1630 - Introductory Japanese A (PDF)

ARTS1660 - Introductory Korean (PDF)

ARTS1690 - The Structure of Language (PDF)

ARTS1780 - Concepts of Europe (PDF)

ARTS2210 - Modern India: Violence and Nonviolence in Colonial South Asia, 1750-1947

ARTS2211 - East Asia (PDF)

ARTS2212 - Southeast Asia (PDF)

ARTS2240 - Environment, Sustainability and Development (PDF)

ARTS2243 - Waste and Society (PDF)

ARTS2270 - Australia 1788-1900: Invasion to White Australia (PDF)

ARTS2272 - The European World, 1500-1800 (PDF)

ARTS2282 - Rome (PDF)

ARTS2367 - Philosophy of Art (PDF)

ARTS2375 - Philosophical Logic (PDF)

ARTS2382 - Philosophy of Religion: Defenders and Critics (PDF)

ARTS2384 - Political Philosophy (PDF)

ARTS2450 - Intermediate Chinese for Non-Background Speakers A (PDF)

ARTS2452 - Chinese English Translation (PDF)

ARTS2453 - Chinese Cinema (PDF)

ARTS2461 - Intermediate Chinese for Background Speakers A (PDF)

ARTS2464 - Chinese Ideas of Beauty and Erotica: Ancient to Modern (PDF)

ARTS2480 - Intermediate French A (PDF)

ARTS2482 - French Cinema and Society (PDF)

ARTS2510 - Intermediate German A (PDF)

ARTS2570 - Intermediate Spanish A (PDF)

ARTS2630 - Intermediate Japanese A (PDF)

ARTS2660 - Intermediate Korean A (PDF)

ARTS2690 - Semantics and Pragmatics (PDF)

ARTS2692 - Syntax (PDF)

ARTS2698 - Intercultural Interaction (PDF)

ARTS2785 - Europe's Age of Catastrophe, 1914-1945 (PDF)

ARTS2906 - History of Sexuality (PDF)

ARTS2908 - Premodern Japan: Status, Sex and Power (PDF)

ARTS3217 - History of Modern China: Contested Visions (PDF)

ARTS3220 - Asian Cities: Studies in History, Culture and Trade (PDF)

ARTS3242 - Environmental History (PDF)

ARTS3270 - Reflecting on Histories and Historians: Capstone (PDF)

ARTS3330 - Languages Capstone: Translation and Interpreting (PDF)

ARTS3368 - Identity, Recognition and Power (PDF)

ARTS3370 - Tipics in the Philosophy of Mind and Psychology (PDF)

ARTS3450 - Advanced Chinese A (PDF)

ARTS3452 - Professional Chinese A (PDF)

ARTS3455 - Contemporary Chinese Literature (PDF)

ARTS3480 - Advanced French A (PDF)

ARTS3482 - Professional French A (PDF)

ARTS3488 -  French Discourse Studies (PDF)

ARTS3510 - Advanced German A (PDF)

ARTS3570 - Advanced Spanish A (PDF)

ARTS3575 - Spanish Popular Culture (PDF)

ARTS3630 - Advanced Japanese A (PDF)

ARTS3632 - Professional Japanese A (PDF)

ARTS3640 - Japan and Korea: Cultures in Conflict (PDF)

ARTS3641 - Commercial Japanese (PDF)

ARTS3660 - Advanced Korean A (PDF)

ARTS3664 - Korean Translation (PDF)

ARTS3695 - Multilingualism and Language Planning (PDF)

ARTS3780 - Contemporary Germany: History, Politics, Society (PDF)

ARTS3991 - Arts and Social Sciences Capstone (PDF)

ARTS4247 - Research Skills in the Humanities (PDF)

ARTS4248 - The Humanities, Then and Now (PDF)

ARTS5505 - Personalised English Language Enhancement (PDF)

HUMS1005 - Personalised English Language Enhancement (PDF)

IEST5001 - Frameworks for Environmental Management (PDF)

IEST5002 - Tools for Environmental Management (PDF)

IEST5007 - Environment and Development (PDF)

INST1005 - Key Debates in International Studies (PDF)

INST2003 - Research Methods in International Studies (PDF)

LING5001 - Second Language Acquisition (PDF)

LING5006 - Current Issues in Bilingualism (PDF)

LING5022 - Cross-Cultural Pragmatics (PDF)

LING5024 - Linguistics of Spoken English (PDF)

LING5026 - The Structure of Language (PDF)

LING5035 - Semantics and Pragmatics (PDF)

MODL5100 - Research and Theories of Translation and Interpreting (PDF)

MODL5101 - Interpreting in Legal Settings (PDF)

MODL5103 - Multimedia Translation (PDF)

MODL5107 - Translation Technology (PDF)

MODL5108 - Preparation for Accreditation in Translation (PDF)

MODL5111 - Translation and Interpreting Practicum A (PDF)

MODL5113 - Interpreting Accreditation Preparation (PDF)

MODL5116 - Advanced Conference Interpreting (PDF)

Semester 2 2018

ARTS1211 Australia's Asian Context

ARTS1241 Environmental Advocacy and Activism (PDF)

ARTS1271 History of the Present (PDF) [1 Mb]

ARTS1361 Philosophy, Knowledge, Reality (PDF)

ARTS1362 Critical Thinking for Today's World (PDF)

ARTS1451 Introductory Chinese B for Non-Background Students (PDF)

ARTS1453 Introductory Chinese for Background Speakers B (PDF)

ARTS1481 Introductory French B (PDF)

ARTS1511 Introductory German B (PDF)

ARTS1541 Introductory Greek B (PDF)

ARTS1571 Introductory Spanish B (PDF)

ARTS1621 Introductory Italian B (PDF)

ARTS1631 Introductory Japanese B (PDF)

ARTS1661 Introductory Korean B (PDF)

ARTS1691 The Use of Language (PDF)

ARTS1782 Contemporary Europe in Crisis: Power and Culture (PDF)

ARTS1900 Gendered Worlds: Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies (PDF)

ARTS2213 Asian Popular Culture (PDF)

ARTS2242 The Politics of Climate Change (PDF)

ARTS2244 Rethinking Wildlife (PDF)

ARTS2248 Disasters and Society (PDF)

ARTS2271 Australia's Longest Century (PDF)

ARTS2283 Classical Greece (PDF)

ARTS2285 The Holocaust (PDF)

ARTS2362 Alienation and Social Critique (PDF)

ARTS2363 Chinese Philosophy

ARTS2383 Ethics: Theory and Practice

ARTS2388 Philosophy of Science (PDF)

ARTS2451 Intermediate Chinese for Non-Background Speakers B (PDF)

ARTS2455 Gender in China (PDF)

ARTS2457 China Imagined ane Perceived (PDF)

ARTS2462 Intermediate Chinese for Background Speakers B (PDF)

ARTS2481 Intermediate French B (PDF)

ARTS2487 French Popular Culture

ARTS2511 Intermediate German B (PDF)

ARTS2571 Intermediate Spanish B (PDF)

ARTS2631 Intermediate Japanese B (PDF)

ARTS2661 Intermediate Korean B (PDF)

ARTS2663 Korea and Japan (PDF)

ARTS2693 Psycholinguistics (PDF)

ARTS2696 Contemporary English Grammar

ARTS2694 Phonology (PDF)

ARTS2750 Modern Latin America (PDF)

ARTS2900 Global Feminisms (PDF)

ARTS2904 Dressed to Kill (PDF)

CRIM2041 Crime and Punishment in Historical Perspective (PDF)

ARTS3216 - Chinese Media and Communication (PDF) [318 Kb]

ARTS3218 - Japanese History: Modern Miracles and Mythologies (PDF)

ARTS3240 - Environmental Humanities Capstone (PDF)

ARTS32 (PDF)43 - Remaking Nature: The Politics of Biotechnology (PDF)

ARTS3270 - Reflecting on Histories and Historians: Capstone (PDF)

ARTS3283 - Roman Emperors: From Augustus to Nero (PDF)

ARTS3290 - Empires in World History (PDF)

ARTS3292 - Migrants and Refugees in Australian History (PDF)

ARTS3295 - Understanding Nazi Germany: Origins, Structures, Explanation (PDF)

ARTS3360 - Philosophy Capstone: Examining Pivtoal Texts (PDF)

ARTS3373 - Topics in Analytic Philosophy (PDF)

ARTS3375 - Modern German Philosophy (PDF)

ARTS3451 - Advanced Chinese B  (PDF)

ARTS3453 - Professional Chinese B  (PDF)

ARTS3454 - Chinese English Interpreting (PDF)

ARTS3456 - Classical Chinese Literature (PDF)

ARTS3458 - Chinese Capstone: Re-Visioning China and Chinese Studies (PDF)

ARTS3481 - Advanced French B (PDF)

ARTS3483 - Professional French B (PDF)

ARTS3487 - Key French Texts

ARTS3511 - Advanced German B (PDF)

ARTS3571 - Advanced Spanish B (PDF)

ARTS3574 - Topics in Latin American Cinema

ARTS3631 - Advanced Japanese B (PDF)

ARTS3633 - Professional Chinese B  (PDF)

ARTS3636 - Contextualising Japanese: Capstone (PDF)

ARTS3639 - Japan in Popular Culture (PDF)

ARTS3643 - Advanced Writing in Japanese (PDF)

ARTS3661 - Advanced Korean B (PDF)

ARTS3665 - Korean Interpreting (PDF)

ARTS3690 - Language Universals and Linguistic Typology (PDF)

ARTS3786 - Confronting the Past in Contemporary Europe (PDF)

ARTS3900 - Gender and Queer Critiques: Rethinking History and Other Studies (PDF) [405 Kb]

ARTS3991 - Arts and Social Sciences Capstone (PDF)

ARTS5505 - Personalised English Language Enhancement (PDF)

HUMS1005 - Personalised English Language Enhancement (PDF)

IEST5003 Addressing Environmental Issues (PDF)

IEST5005 Environmental Communication (PDF)

IEST5021 Corporate Environmental Sustainability Reporting (PDF)

IEST5500 Understanding Environmental Policy (PDF)

IEST6909 Environmental Management Systems (PDF)

IEST7300 Environmental Management: Physical Science Fundamentals (PDF)

IEST7400 Environmental Management: Social Science Fundamentals (PDF)

INST1006 The World in Transition (PDF)

INST3900 - International Studies Advanced Seminar

LING5005 - The Grammar of English

LING5015 - Discourse Analysis (PDF)

LING5027 - Research Methods in Applied Linguistics (PDF)

LING5029 - Psycholinguitics Inquiry (PDF)

LING5031 - Issues in Second Language Acquisition (PDF)

LING5037 - The Use of Language

MODL5100 - Research and Theories of Translation and Interpreting (PDF)

MODL5102 - Interpreting in Community Settings (PDF)

MODL5104 - Specialised Translation (PDF)

MODL5105 - Conference Interpreting (PDF)

MODL5106 - Text Analysis for Translation (PDF)

MODL5108 - Preparation for Accreditation in Translation (PDF)

MODL5111 - Translation and Interpeting Practicum A (PDF)

MODL5112 - Translation and Interpreting Practicum B (PDF)

MODL5113 - Interpreting Accreditation Preparation (PDF)

MODL5117 - Interpreting in International Settings (PDF)