Language Placement Guidelines for Prospective Students of Japanese

The Placement Questionnaire is a series of questions designed to ensure students who wish to enrol to Japanese courses are placed in classes that are most appropriate to their level of language knowledge.

The following are frequently asked questions (FAQ) for the Japanese placement questionnaire. Please read the information carefully before completing the questionnaire.

If you are an absolute beginner, you do not need to take the language placement. Please only take the questionnaire if you have previously studied Japanese and need to be placed at the appropriate level.


Why do I need to complete the Placement Questionnaire?

Our experience shows students lose interest in their learning and may discontinue from the course or fail the course when they are enrolled to courses that are either too easy or too difficult for them. Therefore, it is important that students are placed in courses that are most appropriate to their level of language knowledge. The information collected from the questionnaire will enable us to make course recommendations that best suit your learning needs and language knowledge.

When should I submit the questionnaire?

Received questionnaires are processed in order of receipt. As some classes fill up very quickly, it is in your best interests to submit the questionnaire as soon as possible. The placement questionnaire will be available when enrolment for 2019 opens in October, 2018.

How do I submit the questionnaire?

It is submitted online. Click the “Submit” button at the end of the questionnaire.

How do I know which Japanese language courses are appropriate for my level of knowledge?

Listed below are the courses for the different entry levels in Japanese language courses. You can indicate your preferences for a course (and must provide reasons for the preference) in the questionnaire if your level of knowledge fits the placement critera:

ARTS1630 Introductory Japanese A

ARTS1631 Introductory Japanese B

ARTS2630 Intermediate Japanese B

ARTS2631 Intermediate Japanese B

ARTS3630 Advanced Japanese A

ARTS3631 Advanced Japanese B

ARTS3632 Professional Japanese A

ARTS3633 Professional Japanese B

Can I change the information after I have submitted the questionnaire?

Please make sure your information is correct and complete before submitting the questionnaire, as any changes made to the questionnaire after it is submitted may result in delays in processing your questionnaire.

Can I submit more than one questionnaire?

No. Students can submit one questionnaire ONLY.

What should I do if my knowledge of Japanese does not fall into one of the categories OR if I wish to receive further advice about appropriate courses for my Japanese language proficiency?

Please complete the online questionnaire. The School will contact you with course recommendations.

Are there any course prerequisites for the Japanese language courses?

Yes. Listed below are the course prerequisites for the Japanese language courses.

You can also check course description in the Online Handbook                                                    

Course name     
Course prerequisites
ARTS1630 Introductory Japanese A  No prerequisites, excl. HSC Beginners or equivalent
ARTS1631 Introductory Japanese B ARTS1630 or language placement approval
ARTS2630 Intermediate Japanese A ARTS1631 or language placement approval
ARTS2631 Intermediate Japanese B ARTS2630 or language placement approval
ARTS3630 Advanced Japanese A ARTS2361or language placement approval
ARTS3631 Advanced Japanese B ARTS3630 or language placement approval
ARTS3632 Professional Japanese A  ARTS3630 or language placement approval
ARTS3633 Professional Japanese B ARTS3631 or language placment approval

How will I know which course(s) to enrol to after submitting the placement questionnaire?

An email will be sent to your UNSW email account notifying you your starting course(s). Further instructions about enrolling to your starting course(s) will be included in the email.

If you have not received any notification to your student email account 7 working days after submitting your questionnaire, please email hal@unsw.edu.au quoting your student number.

What is the latest date for me to submit the questionnaire?

You should submit the questionnaire during the enrolment period

What should I do if I wish to make enquirers after the enrolment period?

Please contact Placement Coordinator in Japanese Studies, Ms Sumiko Iida s.iida@unsw.edu.au

Can I enrol to Japanese courses if I am from another Faculty or School?

Students who wish to undertake language courses to fulfil elective course requirements should ensure that these courses count towards the requirement of their degree programs with the relevant Program Authority.

What happens if I am placed in a class that is not appropriate to my language level?

It is possible for students to request course enrolment change if they find the course that they are placed in is either too difficult or too easy. However, such change is subject to the approval of Course Convenor, and must be finalised by Week 1 of the term in which you are enrolling.

The procedures for requesting course enrolment changes are as follows: Students must attend the classes (lecture, tutorials and seminars) of the course that they are placed AND the course they wanted to enrol to in Week 1-2. If you still want to enrol to your original choice after attending all classes of both courses, please consult the Course Co-ordinator of your original preference.

NOTE: All requests of course enrolment changes will not be considered after Week 1 unless legitimate reasons are provided.

Can I change to a lower level language course if the course that I am placed in is not suitable for my class schedule?

No. Students are placed in courses on the basis of their language proficiency/knowledge in Japanese. If the recommended starting course does not fit into your class schedule, please seek alternative courses in other areas of study.

Where can I get further information?

For further general enquiries, please contact: 

School of Humanities and Languages
Level 2, Morven Brown Building
Kensington campus, UNSW
Email: hal@unsw.edu.au
Telephone: 9385 1681

For further academic advice please contact:

Dr Sumiko Iida
Morven Brown Building, Level 2, office 272.
Telephone: 9385 3745
Email: s.iida@unsw.edu.au