Japanese Language Proficiency Test

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is conducted both in Japan and abroad to assess and certify the proficiency levels of learners of the Japanese language.

2018 JLPT in Sydney

Date: Sunday, 2 December 2018

Time: 13.20~ (See 'Examination Timetable' below).

Venue: UNSW Sydney, Kensington Campus, Central Lecture Block (CLB).

Application period: Wednesday, 1 August - Thursday, 6 September, 5pm AEST (Late applications are not accepted).

How to Apply

Applications are administered centrally by the Japan Foundation, Sydney. Please visit the JLPT Australia webpage (www.jpf.org.au/language/for-learners/jlpt/) to register and make payments for the test.


Level N1, N2 & N3: $95.00 (AUD)

Level N4 & N5: $85.00 (AUD)

Please read the JLPT Test Guide December 2018 for the terms and conditions of the JLPT.

Preparation for the test

Visit the JLPT website (www.jlpt.jp/e/index.cgi) for sample questions. The sample questions cover all question patterns for all levels and they will help you prepare for the test.

JLPT in July and/or December

The JLPT is held in Australia in both July and December in selected cities.

2018 JLPT in Australia

Sunday 1 July: Brisbane and Canberra

Sunday 2 Dec: Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

Examination Timetable

JLPT timetable 2014

Contents of the Test

Contents of the Test

There are FIVE test levels. Level N1 and N2 have TWO test sections. N3, N4 and N5 have THREE test sections. Applicants are advised to visit the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test website in order to choose the level most suitable to their ability in the Japanese language.

Level N1

  • Language Knowledge (Vocabulary/Grammar) [60 points], Reading [60 points], 110 mins
  • Listening [60 points], 60 mins

Level N2

  • Language Knowledge (Vocabulary/Grammar) [60 points], Reading [60 points], 105 mins
  • Listening [60 points], 50 mins

Level N3

  • Language Knowledge (Vocabulary) [60 points], 30 mins
  • Language Knowledge (Grammar), Reading [60 points], 70 mins
  • Listening [60 points], 40 mins

Level N4

  • Language Knowledge (Vocabulary), 30 mins
  • Language Knowledge (Grammar), Reading, 60 mins
  • Listening [60 points], 35 min

Total 120 points for Language Knowledge (Vocabulary) and Language Knowledge (Grammer), Reading.

Level N5 

  • Language Knowledge (Vocabulary), 25 mins
  • Language Knowledge (Grammar), Reading, 50 mins
  • Listening [60 points], 30 mins

Total 120 points for Language Knowledge (Vocabulary) and Language Knowledge (Grammar), Reading.

Please visit the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test website for more information.

Special Arrangements

Please notify the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Administration Committee should you require any special arrangements such as wheel chair access.


For further information, please contact:

Nagisa Fukui

Phone: 9385-2414

E-mail: n.fukui@unsw.edu.au

Kikuko Nakamura

Phone: 9385-3763

E-mail: k.nakamura@unsw.edu.au